Zuku Sold to a South African Company

So I’m seated here working then something pops up on Citizen’s business news but my sister switches channels and we couldn’t get back to CTV on time. Despite that, I managed to get a sneak peak of it.

The authority that deals with competition and mergers in Kenya has finally approved the acquisition of Wananchi group’s business services such as Wananchi Telecom and Simbanet to South Africa’s Synergy Communications (SynCom).

Probably @martingicheru and team can work on this and help us get more information.

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We’re on it. Thanks for alerting us.

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Well this is interesting :yum::yum::yum:

Zuku offered free one month and free re-installation for a friend who was moving, trying to keep their customers.

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Moving like from house A to house B?

@martingicheru any updates about this?

Sorry I promised to do something and clearly I didn’t do much. Here it is. Sale was initiated in Q2 this year, pending competition authority approval. What you saw was competition authority’s part going through.

Wananchi Group Holdings Limited will sell its corporate and enterprise facing businesses exclusively to Synergy Communications.

The businesses operate under the aegis of Wananchi Business Services, which comprises the following brands: SimbaNET, Wananchi Telecom and iSAT.

Speaking on behalf the board, Alex-Handrah Aime, Chairperson, Wananchi Group said: “The decision by the board to sell Wananchi Business Services has been guided by a desire to deepen Wananchi Group’s products and services portfolio within the consumer / retail service segment and to provide best-in-class customer experience to all our clients.”

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I hope the new investor will look into expanding to other areas in the hoods and increase competition.

You notice they just acquired enterprise business, home Internet remains with Wananchi.

I’m assuming that home internet is part of retail service segment. However, I can see Wananchi Business Services so that is true. Enterprise Business as you say.

That might give them some capital injection to expand their FTTH service then.

Hopefully, they see themselves as you see them