Zuku is retrenching

I don’t know how they got here, but most of us would have wild guesses, of course outside the ailing economy.

Hopefully the affected won’t be too angry to sabotage the company, and destroy anything that will affect customers, like what we’re experiencing now.

Economy under jubilee gov’t nothing is surviving

I personally know 15 people who have dumped a zuku subscription for a safaricom one,thats just me…i bet they have been losing thousands of subscrptions each month thus bleeding out monthly revenue and that has had an effect on their bottomline

I am looking for locations I can get HaiWaya, then I ditch Zuku.

Lookup Potential addresses here https://home.hai.co.ke

I am only getting HaiMax in my location, that’s 2Meg up and down. Nimezoea 20+Down.

You can’t ignore customer complaints for years then be surprised that people are ditching you for the first viable option. ZUku blocking you from calling customer care yet spamming you with reconnection texts when you stop paying tells you everything you need to know about the company

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I tried looking for those locations but I did not get any with Hai Waya(I Looked at many locations in Nairobi)…when I called I was told that only the places on the map were the places where they were at.