Zuku Increased Costs After Internet tax, then Reverted Back

So the first company to increase the internet costs as soon as the Finance bill introducing internet tax was gazetted is Zuku, As far as I know, there hasn’t been any other company that has done that. We expected that Mobile money players would be the first to increase transaction costs but that has yet to happen.

Now it seems that Zuku, while still trying to find a buyer, has reverted back to previous costs. At least till December going by this message they sent me yesterday.

Ushuru FREE offer! Renew TODAY & we absorb applicable Excise Duty for the REST of the YEAR! Pay Kshs.3499 to AC 198311.

Oh, yes. I have not yet renewed my discounted internet from last month.


Time is up. We said this here in 2016 that this company will be kaput in less than 5 years

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I don’t think this meant that Zuku was shutting down. They might just be pulling an Airtel or Orange. Changing ownership but company remains.