Zuku going for off-grid customers with Solar-powered Satellite

This is easily a game-changer. For the longest time, those without an electricity connection were left out in the woods as far as good TV is concerned. Terrestrial TV has it’s limitations and the product offering is basic. Now Zuku has an arrangement with Pay-Go Solar to launch a product on Monday 5th December that will enable off-the-grid people to get satellite tv.

This will be a full package of Solar panel, TV hardware, Zuku satellite and a cloud based system to manage them remotely by Pay-go Solar for monitoring and billing. This is Pay-go solar’s way of competing with M-Kopa Solar that’s a bit more established, partnering with Zuku which has a big satellite base in the remote towns.

Not the best product considering that the Zuku tv product is still wanting, but that’s much better than they have had to contend with. Plus the Zuku Satellite tv cost starts at below Kshs 500 a month which is within the reach of many. Some are not without electricity because they can’t afford, but because they are probably quite remote and sparsely populated that Kenya Power is not keen on going in.


I would say, the best thing is to watch and see how it goes. Coz I think the monthly charges might be higher than 500 since this is a solar system. But it’s a good move that I hope plays out well for Zuku.

I’ve seen they are charging 149/- per day for the whole bundle of solar+lights+tv+radio+phone charging+zuku

I’m not sure if this is a good deal or not :confounded: