Zuku Bot, Faiba Bot; Who knows how these work?

So getting bots for customer care is now a thing. I have these two set up but can’t get them to go beyond past /start.

Didn’t bother me till someone asked on our pages how they work and I didn’t have an answer. Anyone interacted with them successfully?

Update: I come to learn there is @zukubot and @Zukufiberbot, the latter is the correct one and works as explained here.

As for Faiba bot, we wait.

Safaricom has a new customer care bot. Have you tried it?

hey, its username?

Safaricom chatbot

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Bot asking me to enter my Mpesa password on handset. Well, call me paranoid but SIGWES!!


I got it from the official Safaricom news channel. The customer reps also confirmed it and assured me it’s safe to enter MPESA pin to verify account ownership.

So I opened the Zuku bot and saw Showmax, clicking o the icon, they sent me logins for 90 day trial.

Just checked on mine, it says “activate your Zuku Fiber Service to enjoy 90 days of Showmax”.

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That Safaricom bot is useless. I don’t see its purpose.

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