Zuku Aware of Fraud among it's Employees? Reason, Stealing of Internet

I’m curious to ask this. Hope hakuna mtu naharibia biashara haramu hapa :grin::grin::grin:.

Is Zuku aware of some of its employees that are using its internet services for free for business in cyber cafes and home internet via wifi and nano stations?

We have seen the complaints about Zuku intenet. I mean go to their wall and you’ll wonder why the company still exists.

However, come to think of it, most of these home internet and cyber cafe internet mwitu depend on Zuku for connectivity.

A few months ago I told you about it how one cyber I know about have refused to tell me about their internet plan only to learn later that the owner works for Zuku and net in his cyber is directly stolen from Zuku.

Once hooked up to another nano station WLAN home internet and the guy lied to me that their ISP is Liquid Telcom only to learn later that it’s Zuku. The connectivity was so bad that I declined to pay fully for the service as agreed after four days of trying the service. Only used the internet for 4 hours on day one, the rest of the three days there was no connection.

These nano-station services are plenty on OLX and when you ask about ISP you’ll be told it’s Zuku.

My question is, could these guys that steal internet from Zuku be accountable to the pathetic services the company is offering it’s customers? Can Zuku do something about it?

I tried to ask them if they offer any wireless services since I know someone with Zuku internet in our area but we don’t have their Fiber. They replied after 2 months and response was casual. "We don’t have fiber your area.

Damn. Can I use this as a source for a story?

I don’t mind. I pity the guys. May be that should help by keep the source anonymous if possible.

Because we need to find out if Zuku knows about this or not

Okay no problem. Help them redeem themselves.

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Here’s the story… brief and straight to the point:

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Kwanza hiyo part ya how service is affected you have explained to the point.