Zuckerberg Plans to Integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger

From a business point of view this is clever and shows signs of monetising Instagram and Whatsapp.

IMO it’s a greedy strategy where they vacuum all of your data and collate it …

Why did Brian Acton leave #WhatsApp where he would have gained ~ 1B $ if his shares had matured?

It’s not just WhatsApp founders who have left …even #Instagrams

I would suggest people regard this as a warning call and seek alternative platforms for the sake of their data privacy …


Data privacy this data privacy that… Any company making money through ads collects data. No “alternative” exists that won’t ask for donations or paid system to sustain itself. The only option is to quit if anyone is concerned about “data” imo.

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Abusing the ads system the way Facebook, Google and Micro$oft do is the problem.

In 2018 the Mozilla Foundation made over 500 million USD in income with less than 2% coming from donations. And they can do that without “being evil”.

Data privacy is a right not a favour that we are owed by the big tech firms.

The best solution would be to stop heavy targeting, this needs regulation. There’s no better way to put this but in my opinion I would rather see ads I can relate to than random stuff.

That’s less than $100 million net revenue… Not enough to improve their services like its competition can. Am not advocating for data collection but we need to find a better way to deal with privacy to allow all businesses to compete effectively and fairly… In a way that they can sustain themselves and employ competent people.
For instance, European gdpr is amazing but if it won’t be revised it will hurt consumers more than it protects them.

Firefox is currently a better browser than Chrome so I don’t know what you are talking about. That also applies to Thunderbird being a better mail client than Micro$oft Outlook.

Don’t forget that the Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit unlike Facebook, Google or Micro$oft. Majority of the money goes into FOSS projects.

Linus Torvalds would like to have a word with you. Outside of a few specialised circumstances, open source software is better quality than paid for applications.

GPDR is already hurting people. US businesses are being forced to block EU IP addresses because they can’t comply. Like Google used to say “don’t be evil”.

I don’t care for ads, they only add value to the sellers.

Might be better but which one do most people use regularly/prefer? (I have Mozilla but I rarely use it). Having a financially capable company behind any product is a significant advantage. Eg, despite that Linux distros are free, people will pay for what has been popularized… by capable businesses.

Open source for some products is good but only enthusiasts end up using them.

Am guessing you are a developer. But imagine you have a business that employs a thousand people. You want to make money, pay them and have extra for R&D. However, you know that the best way to reach most of your clients is through online advertisement. Are you going to close down your company because you hate companies dealing with ads? :thinking:

Chrome is dominant, that is not even being debated here.

The likes of Mozilla, Apache and Canonical are competing with profit making corporations like Micro$oft despite lacking that same financial clout. Open source software especially on a large scale is self sustainable.

Agreed FOSS might seem niche especially in the application software market but you have to look beyond the crowd that uses Windows and Office. For crying out loud Visual Studio Code is open source!

That is a logical fallacy. Ads are an awful business model for the indie developer and the ROI isn’t worth the expenditure.

With the backing of Microsoft.

I have no statistics for this, a citation is highly appreciated. But I also wanted you to consider all businesses in general.

That’s not really relevant here. VS Code works because it is light weight and cross platform. Microsoft being Microsoft, earn their return through the close integration with Azure and their other products.

Here is a very well researched and written article from a while back.

This is quite significant:

Facebook’s only previous attempt to merge WhatsApp with its wider business was shot down in the European Union due to data protection concerns. In March 2018, the UK information commissioner (ICO) ruled it would be illegal for the company to carry out a plan, paused in 2016, to share personal data between the two services in order to improve targeted advertising on Facebook.


I have had 2 weeks to vent out and clear my thoughts on this.

I’ll summarise what grinds my gears especially for #whatsapp.

I get #facebook wants to milk as much money from you through ads. Though in some cases that is the only business model that is viable.

However #whatsapp had a subscription-like model where you would buy_ x_messages. Even if they are going to implement their integration why not give an opt-out for people who can subscribe?

Well it’s because of GREED.

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yeah they need to integrate them or they just have to create a single app for all these messenger i always get tired of opening each one to look what happening. sick of all the things at single time

Instagram is already monetized. I recently placed an AD on Facebook and I noticed that WhatsApp was one of the suggested options to serve my ads. So I think that is coming soon.

They need to start with facebook messenger, I have the FB app but I can’t view messages from it, they redirect me to download messenger.

I am a beta tester for WhatsApp ads are coming but not that vigorous u will notice ads while viewing statuses but not on the chat tab or page also ads are available at the settings page will take a screenshot wen they appear

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The problem of running ads on Whatsapp is that people will not like ads that are showing up on personal messaging apps. Every Kamau and Adhiambo will want to show you an ad. People who sell fish around your area will want to show you an ad. Another one will show you an ad for an old TV or a used phone that he wants to sell you. Sick!

Safaricom Bonga Messaging App will have a fantastic opportunity to grow and replace Whatsapp in Kenya, as people run away from Whatsapp that are loaded with ads.

Wait for Whatsapp ads during electioneering period, it would be crazy. You will be checking a personal message from your wife or girlfriend on Whatsapp, then you see Ruto face in the midst of your friend status asking you to vote for him. What is Ruto or Raila be doing in my friends status page? Get the f**k out out of my friends and family list - this is personal messaging app.

Whatsapp should become a super app like WeChat. They should provide an API so that corporates like Uber and Taxify could connect their apps on Whatsapp and users could still hail a taxi right from Whatsapp, then they take a cut from these apps.

As an advertiser, I see a money making machine, I will advertize like crazy the moment they launch, but for personal use, I will drop them. The moment Whatsapp ads launch, I plan to be among the first advertisers in Kenya, cost to advertise will be low, as competition will be also be low. You can build an e-commerce brand in Kenya - reach 10 Million Kenyans every few weeks to get them to know your brand at low cost. The moment most people will jump in, ad costs will rise like crazy!

Hope you will love Whatsapp ads that you will be bombarded with during electioneering period

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Installing WeChat to see how it works. In-App purchases will be nice too. Facebook can introduce a number of services such as charging people or businesses to have SuperGroups. The only option of supergroups now is Telegram.

Last I left the figure at 300,000. Someone mentioned that it has been extended to 500,000 members. Facebook can introduce such and charge group admins/businesses a monthly/yearly flat fee or based on the number of group members. When a person fails to pay, they’re limited from making any posts.