ZTE Axon 7 Is My Android Device Of Choice

Finally I can say am ready to shift to android and I have been doing my research on mid & high end android devices but this new ZTE device moved me I got impressed and if Axon 7 is gonna be sold in Kenya, I don’t care how long I will :blush: wait I t’s my device of choice at a price less than $500 I wont mind buying this though al still retain my lumia I guess its time I taste :tongue: Android ecosystem. Anyone who knows where ZTE devices are sold or got any link please notify me I want the axon 7 damn bad.

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So here’s the thing with ZTE: As long as they are not trading with the Telcos, they can’t be visible in the Kenya market. They are a networks company, just like Huawei. Smartphones for them can be equated to how the small-holder veggie seller (mama kibanda) has polythene bags for sale. Just because it will be needed when you buy veggies. It’s just recently that Huawei started taking seriously the efforts on smartphones, it was mostly to support their efforts selling network infrastructure to carriers.

You can tell by that they have strained relationships with Kenyan carriers. Or none at the moment. Last time ZTE launched in Kenya then swiftly went under, politics (take your guesses by whom).

so does it mean. It wont make its way in kenya even to other smartphone vendors

That’s a tough call. It could, I don’t know what the future holds.