YouTube Videos Quality on Mobile Phones

Do you usually check the video quality while streaming on YouTube? For mobile it should range from 144p to about 720p or even 1080p.

Assuming you are streaming on mobile data, would you reduce it to say 720p or even 480p to save on data? I have been streaming on 480p for a couple of days and I haven’t seen any difference (in clarity that is).

If YouTube was to set the default video quality on say 720p or 480p would you be ok? This is when strictly streaming on mobile data.

This should be only applicable to the Android YouTube app, not iOS

480p? That’s too low. I’d settle for 720p. However, I don’t stream on mobile data. I can’t afford such luxury.

i m used to 720p and above,anything else is not acceptable…but i dont use mobile data much,i try and maximize on wifi wherever i go

hahaha I did’t know using mobile data for Youtube us a luxury :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Coming back to your query. Clarity depends on the phone’s display. If you are on Infinix, Tecno, et al. Don’t expect to notice much difference. The same with any phone that does not have at least a 400ppi, 1080p display.

But the difference is huge especially when using Super Amoled Screens (Some Tecnos do have this type of display).

The difference is also humongous when you have a 2K display (From Galaxy Note 4 and a few other flagships out there).

I do play on 360p since in most cases I’m only after viewing short clips when necessary. I mean in the past 2 months I have not streamed any YouTube video si unaona tumeambiwa mobile data ni luxury.

We are not diverse enough to make a good enough response. I’d be okay with 480p if I depended on mobile data mostly. Otherwise, just like the others responding here, I’m spoilt by good quality and I know the compromise I’ll make to achieve that.

Video quality defaults are good but choice is important as well. Just that people need to know about choices and consequences.

I wish data charges were like in TZ. A whole GB for 100bob. Streaming HD hainguekua siiiiida kwa simu.

Edit. In fact, it is 1.5GB for 100bob hehe

One place Tz beats us, alongside quality of music.

Exactly. Hopefully will get there soon.

I agree. I guess not many people use mobile data for video streaming. And this is mostly due to the exorbitant cost of data in Kenya.
Some tests have shown that you save upto 50% on data usage when locked on 480p which is considered almost HD on most smartphones.

That’s true. In fact, I prefer 360p because there is hardly any excitement playing content in 720p and above on a 5.5inch. I mostly download the videos and watch later on TV to enjoy the beauty of high resolution videos. It’s just data holding me back.

Streaming videos on mobile data is a luxury with the current data prices in Kenya. I have good wifi at home so I just watch videos at home.

This is true. Halotel charged me KES 600 (TZSH 12,000) for 12,000 MB & 100 min on-net calls. This comes to KES 2400 a month for 48GB (still lower than Airtel 24GB for 3K) and can’t even compare to safaricon’s theft of 12GB for 3K

I stream 480p on my S7 Edge and I am just fine. There are some factors i put into account before deciding which resolution:

Test based videos - tutorials - 720p if there is coding involved because the fonts are small
Animation - 360p is suitable. Watching cartoons in 720p feels wasteful
Travel Vlogs - 480p
Product Reviews - Consumer Tech - 480p

If i’m in motion - car, bus - at speeds greater than 60KP/h I switch to 480p to factor in the speed differential for the signal from base station to my phone. Not everywhere is covered even with the so called 4G and the lag can be unbearable.

I use Airtel on phone so when I move past the 10KM radius from Kencom, I switch to 480P irrespective of the content.