Youtube music stalking

I just realized youtube knows my current weather updates (I’d assume it’s from phone location which is turned off, also windows location iko off pia). Any other way they could be stalking me?

Cookies, your search history, location data from wifi, bluetooth and cell towers. How is this even a question?

*Edit Do you have an adblock?

Not for a while now, I always thought adblocks were good when dealing with intrusive ads which is no longer a thing after that built-in chrome ad blocker update. adblock itasaidia na location privacy?

By default Chrome whitelists Google and friends. You search history or your social media profiles are definitely leaking data. Install uBlock Origin and double check your privacy settings.
For a faster and more secure experience switch to Mozilla Firefox, the superior browser.

forgot to mention I’m on a VPN connection

done will monitor any changes

Which location does your VPN route your data? If its New York I just googled and saw its raining, so maybe its coincidence if where you are its also raining.

Toronto I checked and it wasn’t raining. The suggestion also disappeared after mvua iishe

If it’s Toronto then your android device is snitching on you… Google uses many sources to determine where their users are… For instance, nowadays its almost impossible to change the location of Play Store regardless of the VPN (in my case) unlike tene.

:joy: Just remembered this definitely the reason why.

Even with root?

I stopped rooting droids :grin:

Do share! I will bet a case of beers that your privacy settings are off.

Google allows you to change the location once per year. To set up a new country, you must be in that country and have a payment method from the new country.

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