Your TV is affordable because it's collecting and selling your data

Can we talk about why some these brands are so affordable? - They track and sell consumer data. So they are just fun data collection tools. Here is an article that talked about the business model of selling TVs with only 6% margin as the initial profit.

I wonder if anyone here has ever cared about this when buying a TV.

Personally i have never cared.I know samba and other apps on my Sony Android TV collect data about my viewing habits and Google collects other anonymous data about my app usage but i find the recommendations and the performance improvements to be so worth it sometimes i don’t even bother.

I have seen recommendations on Youtube and Discover make sense when I’m tracked. What do recommendations look like on TV?

I do get recommendations based on viewing habits on Smart Youtube, logged off on Fire TV. Other apps like Showmax and Spotify do as well, but inside respective app.

Well,i get recommendations on interesting content for each app,from TED videos,Youtube,Showmax,Netflix,Spotify and Twitch for example,so when i see them i can just tap and jump into the content directly without having to search,so far the recommendations have been quite good in my opinion,hence why i have not stopped and disabled the samba interactive service.

Personally, I like these adverts and recommendations. They make my content discovery so easy.

Here is the thing, most people don’t care about their consumption habit being used by silicon Valley companies if they get a better experience from the same (better ads). Most of us are low profile, and will remain that way for life. Your momentary urges to hit porn hub on an incognito tab (which is still tracked and logged) will never come to haunt you on this planet.

However, if you plan on being a big shot sometime in future (being US president, AU secretary, KGBs confidant) , then you can care about your data being collected. There is a report that came out last year about Samsung TVs listening to people, even when turned off. There are daily such reports regarding Facebook, Amazon, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google and recently Apple (the security and privacy trophy holder) .

Check out Linus Tech Tips video posted yesterday on how to be truly anonymous and secure (Tails OS, Tor, Ad blocking, Tracker blocking, VPN, no Google or Facebook). Remember, if FBI or NSA or the Russians ever target you, there is nothing you can do to stay anonymous. Pretty sure FBI control most DNS routing on Tor. There are rumors that Nord VPN is theirs too.

My advice, don’t sweat it unless you plan on being some hot shot with govt intelligence in future. Rest easy, enjoy good recommendations my fellow normie.


Main reason I keep open for tracking

You make very valid points.

However, I want you to consider two things, first, the applications you use that turn your data into money very unfairly. And by unfairly I mean if the data is worth, $100 per month, you get $0 and they get all the amount. It is data you should be getting paid for especially if these are third party apps that have nothing to do with your entertainment.

Second, there is the truecaller kind of data collection. An app with no business reading your messages goes ahead and reads them as well as duplicates them. This is in addition to the multiple other permissions including microphones etc. At some point it stops being about getting data to recommend service but rather outright invasion of privacy. This is why my argument remains that while some of these local loan apps have financial acumen to their businesses, they are squarely in the data business. Just look at the data Tala and OKash particularly collect.

I think for TVs, this conversation is just starting. Most of the apps may not be as aggressive as kina truecaller but they will get there.


Fairness? Big businesses don’t have to be fair. They are in the business of Power, not money. And this applies to all countries in the world. Big businesses can get away with anything. They can steal your data, become oligopolies, and there is nothing we or our constitutions can do about it. Lobbying exists for a reason.

Here is how it works, (tinfoil hat: check)
-Have company
-Lobby some politician who seems like a good future puppet, should be somewhat charismatic
-Get them victory. You own them. They will spend decades in Congressional hearings blocking inquiries and investigations into your dirty and illegal secrets (such as stealing and selling data)
-In the meantime, consume startups like a combine harvestor by any means necessary (legal, illegal, who cares)
-Collide with other big businesses that have the same Power aspirations and split the market. Pretend to compete

The violations you speak about don’t mean jack sh*t to these companies. Selling your personal data to insurance companies or foreign governments should be the least of your concerns.

Watch Ted psychology videos on marketing and you will have something more important to worry about. You see, it is one thing for Facebook to recommend a pair of headphones because it heard a conversation you were having with your buddies.

It is another whole thing to bombard you with ads and positive messages about a product or idea they want you to like. Some of these companies are in the business of shaping our tastes and preferences.

They hire phd psychologists to run their marketing departments. A good example is the LGBT stuff. A few years ago, it was unheard of, especially in Africa. Today, we laugh about it. We are not very far from celebrating and putting it on a pedestal (Europe style).

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You aroused my curiosity. I will surely watch that stuff