Your Thoughts on Surface Studio

Microsoft Just announced their all in one pc called Surface studio and am already blown i would even sell my kidney to get one share your thoughts i think this sits on imac 10times

With a starting price of 3,000 US Dollars I guess the market for this is professional designers. The touch screen (could be) a unique selling point although it already lags behind spec-wise with Apple yet to launch the next generation iMac.

It’s something I’m bound to want to have but I can pass. It’s not really meant for people like me. And for $3k? Heh!

its a beautiful unique device,but microsoft is sending a message to PC makers,that future hardware needs to look at this…PC Makers can reproduce the surface studio with similar features at lower costss…for microsoft its all about guiding the market into the future

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Think Microsoft has just begun to show Its capabilities this Surface line is unstoppable who knows Surface Phone may change Its woes in mobile

How much success have they had in the past? With OEMs mostly copying Apple?

Huh tell me when last apple upgraded their imac line apple is the copycat here waiting to see new surface feature then intergrating them in their products just like ipad pro and the macbooks

Hardly copied anything from Apple. Apple do not innovate anymore. They got too much courage.