Your Opinion About Our site


Since a good number of techweez forum members are tech savvy, i kindly need your honest opinion about our site I would love to hear more about its appearance, load speed, navigation e.t.c…your opinion will help us in improving it.

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Does work, even though there is little that will interest me as far as the target audience for the products there, I did make a book purchase to test the platform, and it works as advertised. Good thing to implement guest checkout. Navigation is straightforward and you can browse the products category easily.
Would be nice to add an option to browse all items in a category and avoid clicking next when looking through the products. Site loads fast, so that’s a positive. I did this on desktop, so I have not done a review of mobile web.

Thanks @martingicheru, i appreciate the time you have taken to go through the site and even make a purchase.

We hope as the site grows more products will be added that might be of your interest.

Regarding adding an option to browse all items in a category, we will work on that in 2020, for now we thought the General Search Browser for the entire website can serve the purpose.

Used the site ~2 months ago purchase sth. It was super easy to use! I think the only thing that I felt needs improving is the UI, it feels dated.

Thanks for your opinion. We understand that our site UI might not be that appealing. That is something that we are concerned about and is in our Roadmap of things we should improve going forward.

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