Young developers hoping to make the process of Emergency Response better

Lets face it, unfortunate things happen. Thieves come to your home, a fire breaks out or you are involved in a car accident. In such situations you need help, but sometimes that help comes a bit too late or at times, it simply doesn’t come.

That is where Mobile Life Kenya comes in, these young guys are hoping to make the whole process more efficient via their application. How?

  • Alert the relevant Emergency Response Teams of your situation and location at the tap of a button

  • As you wait for help, you can get some tips on making the situation better

  • For car owners, they have a patent for a technology called** Photosensitive Quick Response Code** whereby the print out a code in photosensitive ink to be placed at the back of your fuel cap door that when scanned by the ERT team will display your name, insurance details and next of kin contacts. This is important because we all know that ‘good Samaritans’ are very good at first robbing you of your belongings then helping you

It is not yet available as a they are yet to partner with the Emergency Response Teams but they say that that should be finalized soon.

Question is, do you think an app can change the whole Emergency Response process?

More on Mobile life here:

I like the Photosensitive Quick Response (PQR) code concept. In an emergency situation though I am not sure I will be inclined to fiddle with my phone. I instead would like this to happen:
As soon as I am involved in an accident, I would expect mobile life to detect that my car has been hit. In these scenario, they would replace the QR sticker with sensors (presumably 3 axis accelerometer + GPS), they would then come to my location furnished with my details.

Could you please poke holes on this idea?

Thanks for your contributions. During our research period we actually looked alot into how we can automate the process of accident detection and suffice it to say , the solutions we formulated were limited in one way or another. Not to say it can’t be done , after all we are passionate problem solvers but with what we had/have to work with, the mobile phone has to be center stage of it. At least for now and the foreseable future anyway. Once funds are available we will create an RnD department where more efficient solutions can be formulated and implemented.

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Our plan is to actually create a self sufficient system such that the person in distress won’t have to interact with it so as to eliminate the ‘human factor’. By doing so, we’ll be able to confidently guarantee 99% efficiency in emergency reporting.

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As an end user, I would actually buy such a safety system.
Good luck in your execution.

Thanks. Such encouragement is what fuels us to keep testing the limits of what we can do to improve emergency reporting and response.

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That is an interesting way to look at it @menace_ I guess a lot of research and testing, not to mention resources have to be put in to be able to achieve that. However I think they can come up with smarter innovative ways to use your phone without you actually using it eliminating the ‘human factor’ as @Cyprian said. I’m excited to see how it pans out.

Yes, would definitely reduce cost

So the app is finally available for download on the play store.

Look at it and give the developers feedback.

Here is the link to download it:

Any thought on this?