You shouldn't be buying Android Tablets - Opinion

Plain and simple, buying an Android tablet is setting yourself up for disappointment — when it comes to both performance and capability and when it comes to the critical areas of privacy, security, and ongoing software upkeep. So when people ask me which Android tablet they should buy, you know what I tell 'em nowadays? They shouldn’t buy one at all. If they want a Googley, Android-connected experience in a large-screen form, they should consider a decent convertible Chromebook instead.


How many people can afford Chromebooks though…

In Kenya this doesnt apply as much because Ex Uk core i7 ultrabooks cost 25k.

Well, there are people who prefer buying new… More so Electronics…

Even as this happens there are very few decent Android tablets available, the Huawei has a questionble future, Samsung for the 10.1 tablet I would rather get a ipad that I know will survive for long, but pia the ipad line uo has grown big and confusing.

Second hand market is big for us because of buying power versus need for more value with the low budget.

Tablets skuizi ni toys za watoto :joy::joy::joy:

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Android Tablets will only survive once Huawei and Samsung start working with developers directly. I would not mind paying for a good tablet and buying premium apps if they gave me software as good as Revitt or Archicad, but optimized for touch and pen. I would also get a tablet for my wife to design apparel with. Most industries could benefit from such an interface. For now, Apple can have all that money. Apple should thank Google for being incompetent and failing to encourage competition

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This is how Microsoft will win that space. It has become so evident that the laptop is so hard to disrupt, that they stopped trying other form factors. So they are bringing the juice to the laptop form factor, with convertibles and pen input on touch screens.

If your laptop is a 180/360 spin, touch and with pen input you have a tool for multiple purposes.

After asking around, refurbished chromebooks start at 9,000. I don’t know why anyone would buy a tablet over that.


Do you know a shop where they’re selling at that price?

Galway computers acha nikutumie number.

A great alternative from Lenovo
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