Xiaomi MI A2 (Stock Android)

Super deal for the stock android fans on a budget https://www.jumia.co.ke/xiaomi-mi-a2-4g-5.99-display-32gb-4gb-ram-20mp-selfie-camera-2012-mp-ai-dual-rear-camera-dual-sim-blue-9341085.html

Also cheapest phone with SD660 it is

I was really excited about this phone when it was announced until I saw that Xiaomi decided to put a meager 3000 mAh battery in it. Only iPhones can (barely) survive a day with such battery capacity.

I hate worrying about battery in my use case. If Snapdragon 660 was built with a 10nm process I would have given it a chance for power efficiency.

If they put in a 4000mAh battery, it would have been a killer mid-range. But I guess they thought it might compete with redmi note 5 pro which has MIUI (and ads for more revenue).

Fun fact, it also doesn’t have a headphone jack :grin:. But I would have ignored that if the battery was awesome.

You guys should check Motorola One Power with a whooping 5000 mAh battery, and Android one. I don’t mind the Snapdragon 636 (plays PUBG just fine) and the obnoxious notch :joy:.

However, LTE-A won’t work on Safaricom since it doesn’t support band 20(800Mhz), only band 3(1800Mhz). Also, Faiba won’t work on either Moto or Xiaomi.

hey what about the pocophone f1. will it work on that band?

Band 3 & 20 - Yes.

Band 28 (Faiba) - No.


If you buy directly from Xiaomi Kenya, it will work very well with Safaricom and Telkom 4G. Faiba No.

I also will avoid the phone due to the 3000 mah battery though because of stock android it will have atleast 4 hours SOT. I am spoiled by 8 hours on my redmi 5 plus. The redmi note 5 pro at 19k for 4/64GB is a steal.