Xiaomi launches Xiaomi Mi 8, MI 8 Explora Edition & MI 8SE (Quality at a low price)

Today in china Xiaomi has launched 3 devices 2 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip and 1 with QS 710 chip,whats interesting about these devices is the top specs at a very fair prices of $420, $577 & $300 respectively.
My main interest is drawn to the SE edition which retails for $300 and has an amoled display has face unlock similar to Apple and an in display fingerprint scanner compared to other midrange devices like Nokia 7plus i think it went overboard and beats it hands down.
More details in the link below & will u get the mi devices

They should launch an android one variant of the Mi 8 SE. These are solid, well priced devices.


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Miui fan here the SE if it launches in Kenya officially its my next phone. Amoled plus MIUI dark themes = my match made in heaven

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does miui have a dark theme or you are talking about those crappy themes from the store?

i cry for the headphone jack :sob::sob:, na wasijaribu kusema hakuna space ya ouweka heaphone jack

As far as I know, the Mi 8 is coming and seeing the price of the SE, it could easily be a winner for many Kenyans.

You will have to dig deeper for xFyro ARIA ama namna gani

Hahaha… yes! #Sponsored

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There are some very good themes you just didn’t not explore properly