Xiaomi gets into Kenya, interview

Xiaomi has been making waves in China and a few other markets, and even if it’s not officially in Europe, it’s already hit the top 5 best selling smartphone companies. Xiaomi entered Africa a few weeks back with Nigeria and South Africa, in that order. Kenya is the third country and they are very optimistic.

We had an interview with the Mobile in Africa reps in Kenya who gave us quite some details on what to expect from Xiaomi. Mobile in Africa is the company distributing Xiaomi in Africa.
Read on linked below.

Its exciting to see that Xiaomi has finally made its way to Kenya. I have been following the brand for a some time now and I am set to believe that Kenya is just the right kind of market for Xiaomi. The most interesting thing will be seeing the firm try on traditional marketing and distribution channels seeing that in some places it simply stuck to dedicated online channels to sell its phones. And yes they need to bring in the Mi 5 to Kenya.

Sweet. :sunglasses: Been waiting for this for a long time. But am more interested in the accessories that these guys sell.

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I did notice one of them wearing the Xiaomi Mi-Band, though that’s no indication they will sell them, but I will ask. I think it’s natural that they will sell accessories.

Oh, and if you did notice in the article, we are not to expect the usual Xiaomi flash sales in this market. At least going with the information we have. They will be doing the traditional retail by brick and mortar.

Xiaomi doesn’t really care about anyone to be honest, it has plastered ads everywhere on it’s system apps; music, file manager…wah! Check screenshots below

Wat i’ll get from xiaomi is their android tv box that box does magic and its always updated

I have a xiaomi redmi 5 plus, never seen an ad on any system app (i.e music, video…etc) and i’m always on wifi. Which phone is this?

I see ads everywhere. I guess its the only way they could deliver a SD625 that cheaply.

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It’s my ka old redmi note 4. But I saw others online complaining about most of Xiaomi devices having ads on system apps. Alafu, Xiaomi wenyewe said ad revenue is critical to it’s Indian market. If you haven’t seen ads on any Xiaomi device, you are lucky, not that that your phone is exceptional :joy:.
YouTuber named techalter claimed that Xiaomi is not after making profit on hardware but software. Guess am sticking to Sammy and Android one devices :cry:

Maybe you use third party apps all over in your phone. just saying

Wait… are those apps system apps? I don’t see how is that possible! You’re making me think of your phone as a Pro-clone

:joy::joy::joy: yeah, they are system apps. You can also check the Xiaomi file manager on play store… It has “contains ads.”
Complete with MIUI global stable ROM. video app, music, and file manager serve ads, it’s not clone or anything. And it’s not rooted or use any shady apps.

That’s pretty weird & Unstable AF. Have you received any updates yet?
Maybe they can solve that issue.

Its not a bug, its how they are able to sell phones for only 5% profit margin. they are not intrusive and they do not pop up. They are in all xiaomi phones in the file manager.

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Hahah :joy::joy: @kissykennysmatt this version is the latest among the non Mi8 series devices awaiting MIUI 10 soon. And like @wizmelavin told you, Xiaomi claimed that it will sell device at only 5% profit margin, which is almost impossible to make substantial overall profits, unless they deal with the software income. Why are you so surprised? :joy::joy::joy: Xiaomi has been doing this for quite some time now. Check around.
FYI, they are not intrusive but appear on those system apps when you are using them. Sucks but you have to deal with them


I see, so maybe they are giving us new device owners a grace period :grin:. Anyway, that’s not a major concern since it’s easy to replace them with the likes of Asus file manager, Google Music and VLC.

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I actually have no problem with the ads. I prefer ads over selling user data like I suspect other manufacturers do.

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As a normal person who doesn’t know a lot about Xiaomi, I think I should.
I had a thought to one day own 1 phone of theirs but since I can’t do Ads… I’ll have to live life outside Xiaomi

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