Would you buy the BlackBerry Priv?

So this phone is out early next month. It will probably take a while before it shows up everywhere but from what you’ve seen and heard, is it something that excites you? Something you’ll gladly spend your money on? It runs Android, has a slide out keyboard and a screen that curves slightly outwards just like the Galaxy S6 Edge. And it costs $700.

How much is it again ? I think this is the last nail in BlackBerry’s coffin.

Hardly!!! there is a million reasons to be excited about the Blackberry Priv.
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I think the Priv will sell in this market

It may sell in many markets, but even generally, a $700 phone is hardly a device to make an impact in our market, and I mean SSA.

A $700 phone! It may even end up costing more by the time it hits the Kenyan market. At that price, it definitely won’t be a hit in Kenya and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa as @martingicheru puts it. However, there’s a precedent. Guess which device also started retailing at $700 in Kenya 2 years ago? The BlackBerry Q10! What were they smoking? It was launched in Kenya at high price of Kshs 70,000. The BlackBerry Z10, the touchscreen equivalent, went for Kshs 60,000. Fast-forward to a year later and the price had dropped to just $200. I might consider the Priv if the same happens to it as well :grinning:

As @echenze says…I am quite sure the price of the Blackberry Priv might actually be its undoing. I mean look at the smartphone market and see the entry phones and the price that they come in with. It might get some attention from high-end customers but that will not be sustainable as eventually new devices come along. I actually believe that a smartphone in the range of 10,000 - 25,000 is might do well in the Kenyan market.

Maybe only BB fans, or people who believe in physical keyboads.