Would you buy a Surface?

I put this list together to show how much each configuration of all the current Surface devices will cost. So are you thinking about the Surface Pro 4, or the Ultimate Laptop (aka Surface Book) or are they just out of reach?
BTW Dreams are always valid here in the Techweez Forums, so feel free to chime in about your dream Surface.

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Nope! I’m still old fashioned, so the traditional laptop in the old form factor works for me. Acer Aspire S7, XPS and Spectre X360 would work for me.

In a heartbeat. I want something I can use everywhere that is just as powerful as any traditional PC (or even more powerful).


Like if I had the cash now, I’d have to play cat and mouse with the landlord because I bought one.

Definitely. The Hinges are enough!

If I had 150K (the price of a surfacebook)… I would probably just buy a Macbook :laughing:

150,00 gets you the base Surface Book. The top model (at 300,000 plus) requires a mortgage.

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Mortgage :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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