Working from Home,Thoughts and Experiences So far?

So its been a few weeks into curfews and some of us are now working from home.For the uninitiated,we want to know what tools to use,how to set up work from home affordably e.t.c.
So i am using Anydesk to remote desktop to my office machine,Microsoft Teams and Zoom to participate in online meetings and collaborate on documents,Your phone app is helping out in taking my phone calls using my laptop as my phone is charging.Whatsapp web helping a bit too in sharing documents and sending messages. So what devices,tech and internet service providers are you guys using? Also maybe a few can recommend some legit online work platforms for those seeking new opportunites or work.

Using Google classroom to attend those online classes and stream the classes too for office work it’s Skype for video calls and whatsapp for chats and sharing documents advantage to us is we had adapted this tech earlier except for classes where notes could online be shared though the portal

Using the following Apps:

  • Zoom/ Skype: Meetings

  • Trello: Keep track of Tasks

  • Slack: Communication

  • One Drive: Collaboration/ file storage

  • Google Drive/ Dropbox: File Storage

The day moves much faster when working from home. I feel like there’s more pressure to get things done and no, I am keeping distractions at bay.

Anyway, the tools that I use:

  • Zoom for my video calls
  • Telegram for documents
  • WhatsApp for group conversations
  • Asana for project management

Working hours between 9 am and 6 pm.