Wireless Keyboards Suggestions in the market

Hello guys,

Can I get a suggestions on wireless keyboards that are currently available in the market. I need to buy one preferably with scissors keys.

I have bought one sh*tty keyboard that out of 10 keystrokes it only registers 5. Typing feels like wrestling in a ring. Keys are getting stuck. The worst keyboard I have ever bought.

I’m thinking of getting one from Amazon but not before I check locally.

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Ukikosa locally, I highly recommend you check reviews and import the best one for the bob. Keyboards are not that bulky, you will spend little on these shipping agents.

Best suggestions better than MallforAfrica?

Rolling Cargo, Kentex, Imail…

Let me compare pricing. Thanks

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Someone suggested that I checkout Logitec K380 Bluetooth Keyboard. Since its available in the market, I decided to give it top priority.

Went hunting today from Jiji adverts only for most guys to claim it’s out of stock. Like how now yet the advert were posted like less than an hour or so.

Anyway, after like 10 calls to different guys, one had it. I went and checked it out. And to my amusement it’s not what I exactly wanted but I can still do with it.


  1. Super soft strokes and silent. It’s hard to hear the keystrokes.

  2. Can pair up to 3 devices and switch simultaneously.

  3. Logitec promises a 2-year battery life on the supplied cells. I hope that’s true but I doubt it will make it that far due to my 15+ hrs PC time every day.

  4. Powered by Bluetooth

  5. A bit affordable (5,200bob).


  1. No num pad. I love the num pad so much but it’s okay. I’l probably upgrade in future.

  2. Key travel is shorter than normal but still okay. Got used to it in like 5 minutes.

  3. Doesn’t come with a Bluetooth dongle. So, if you PC isn’t BT ready, you’ll have to buy one

  4. No hinge to adjust the height. But it has a slightly tilted base.

  5. It’s a bit heavy (can be a pro too as a sign of quality). My brother’s Logitec K220 is large and uses AA batteries. But the K380 uses AAA batteries and feels twice as heavy

The K380

The K220 alongside the K380