Wireless Earphones/Headphones - Are They a Thing Now?

My first interaction with quality wireless headphones was with the PACE FOCUS. Shortly after, I got my hands on PACE Mate and ever since they have become my daily choice of earphones.

Frankly, I do miss the convenience of wired earphones, because I have been caught off-guard with a battery-low shut down when I really needed to use my wireless earphones.

I believe the craze for wireless earphones shot when Apple officially announced the AirPods and I envy how seamlessly they work with iPhones. Unfortunately, I am an Android user and our ecosystem does not have an equivalent of AirPods and I don’t mean price-wise or sound quality but in functionality.

So, I was very interested when I came across xFyro ARIA. I agree the name does sound like it’s from a Sci-Fi movie but what the earbuds are proposing gave me goosebumps.

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IP67 rating
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Google Assistant Integration - access with a single tap on the side
  • Quick Charge - 3 hours of listening time after a quick 15-minute charge

It also switches itself on and off when you put them on or put them back in the carry case that charges them. Honestly, I am impressed. Here’s the product video:

My question is, are these earbuds you would buy? I like that they are IP-rated, however, I don’t know why I would shower or swim with them as the video tries to convince us that people do so.

Final question, would you like a review?


I like wireless in/on/over the ear cans and I have one generic Chinese pair of headphones I purchased last year :grin:. However, despite that I love them wireless, the Aria kind are not my thing. I would prefer one with a cable on my neck cuz I don’t want the hassle of putting them back in my pocket when they are not in use (something like Oneplus’ new wireless bullets, pace mate etc). I think wireless is the future, no matter how we resist.

But am a wired-audio kind of a person naturally. I own a few pairs of TDK, Skull Candy, and JBL earphones which I all love due to their unique but excellent sound they deliver. Most wireless monitors tend to prioritize bass over other “sounds” in music and I hate it (that’s why I stopped using poweramp app, it does the same thing in default :persevere:). But I think with time they will improve, and those that are excellent are not friendly to the pocket :joy:.

On the xFyro Aria, please wait until they are out of the Kickstarter campaign before throwing your money there, or otherwise utaongojea even for years. some projects never get to fruition. But those earphones look good and have excellent specs. Also, some products from kickstarter are likely to not deliver what they promised.

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Oh trust me, I am not putting my money. A little bird just told me to expect a review unit when they launch later on in the year.


they are good until you forget to charge them them for a long trip…3.5mm is still king for me


They seem promising, kwanza the 32 hour battery life. I use Pace Mate earphones and even though the battery life is actually quite good, that ka annoying “battery low” sound sometimes comes at the most unfortunate of times.
My concern with these would be when it comes to sound recording or voice calls, coz the earbuds don’t have an elongated part for the mic and even though on the ad the lady just talks comfortably giving Siri a command bado am skeptical, well unless the mic technology is really that good
Then this pia

is an issue too, Pace Mate comfortably hang around my neck when not in use and sometimes I even forget that they are there, have even found myself sleeping and waking up in the morning and finding them on my neck :smiley:. Having to remove the earbuds every time seems like a real hustle
I think they are still awesome, ebu get them we get that review

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Aah I would buy these if they sound as good as they seem to. I have never used wireless earbuds/headphones and my first experience wouldn’t be with headphones.


You haven’t used headphones…?!

This is dangerous

I meant wireless headphones.

I tried them long time ago and to cut the story short, I HATE them. Headphones! Not my thing at all.

When they’re off though of course., ama do you think the battery can explode?

No. I think you could choke.

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Ok that makes sense didn’t think of that

This is why you should buy the xFyro ARIA


I think this is close to impossible if they are not completely drunk.

Although if you sleep with earphones while your phone is charging, you can get electrocuted.

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Now you just promoting them :joy:. But I can give them a try, though the way I sleep will wake up n find zimetoka nikazilalia, or even on the floor. But hope you get them and test them out, they seem to be promising

Normally these concepts do not really appear on the retail version as hyped or advertised they normally change when the source fund dont meet the intended target so its best we keep our hopes high and wait for the retail version then comment but they look awesome and might get tempted to try them if they get released even though in ear headsets aren’t my thing

Inaitwa targeted ads.


Has anyone used the Pace Mate earphones? How are they? I broke my stock earphones and I need a replacement. Or just recommend another brand with above average sound.

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I would answer you but I put all my words in this review: