Windows Taskbar Icons Disappearing

It started last week. First, the icon for skype went missing. Because I don’t use it that much, I ignored and assumed that it would come back. Now all of my windows apps do not show their icons on the taskbar. The error is not causing other problems, it is just annoying. I have tried a couple of solutions but none worked for me. Has anyone here gone through this agonizing situation, if so please share

Please check if you have the latest security updates installed as well as running the latest windows updates.

Also, it would be easier to help if you told us what exactly you have tried.

Yep,please try that and if you are on the insider program for windows 10 make sure you are on the latest insider build…

This might help:

My system is updated.

I am not on that program.

I saw somewhere that I should delete a file called icon cache from the following directory’’ C:\Users\felol\AppData\Local’’. After deleting the I was to restart then the icons would come back. That didn’t work.
Then I saw that I should copy the Icon cache file from a windows 10 that is working well then paste in mine and restart. That didn’t work too.
Now I will try the method @bhattkishan9 posted.

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@bhattkishan9 I have tried the method there but I keep getting the access is denied. Even when I run the CMD as admin.image image
Now I will look for the solution for that.

Are you using the admin account of the PC?

@Lukirdem Did you kill explorer.exe from task manager before doing this? It seems to be open judging from the screenshot.

Anyway check this article,

They have a script that can do this for you.

Yes, I am.

I stopped explorer. The reason it is back there was because after getting the access denied thing, I restarted explorer so that I could access the browser.

I will try that, but with things going like this, I might have to restore my comp.

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