Windows 11 Screenshots Leaked

What’s your say?

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Do we really need an Updated Windows… Personally would prefer stability over some fancy features that I will actually never use

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Watu wako campus watufanyie beta testing. Huku nje comp ni life, no room for bugs :joy:


Looks like Windows 10 decided to Kabu Wa Jesus Windows 7

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Same here. I do updates years after the release of a major version.

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CNN calls the new Windows as a Bunch of BS. Lol!!

UI Looks a lot like MacOs … Also suspicious how the OS can just leak …maybe they are testing waters? If sentiments are bad they can claim it was a leak?

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Apparently the ISO cannot be installed like a regular copy of Windows. No hardware meets the minimum requirements to install it. Most leaked screenshots are between 1600×1200 resolutions, and most probably ju they are running it in VM. Check out Linus Tech Tips testing it out on a test bench on YouTube.

Windows 10 with a fresh coat of paint

I remember doing this a lot when in campus esp with the windows 8 and 8.1 builds,insider program for windows 10 started off great then became boring AF

With #MSFT taking pple in circles with their checking tool (withdrawn at the moment for “improvement”) and then sticking to their guns about minimum requirements for #windows11 (To sell more PCs… :shushing_face:)…

Linux Mint and Manjaro welcome you with open arms :open_hands:t5:

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Looks like #microsoft requiring a tpm module has created a market for #scalpers …Modules retailing for ~ 5$ are now going for more than 100$! :grimacing:

apparently there is a registry workaround for clean install of Windows 11 that bypasses TPM 2.0 and Secureboot checks.Was able to run it and upgrade my home desktop after conducting onedrive backups of my data.So far so good,everything is running just fine

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Saw this from Linus Tech a while back.

For people who want to do this you will have to get in the insiders ring …Instructions start ~ 7:02 … though I doubt #microsoft will allow you to do this on official release day … DON’T buy a new PC for Windows 11! - YouTube

I wonder why pple are so eager to get #windows11 as it will be supported until 2025 …Maybe you have just bought hardware in 2020/21 that’s incompatible?

Hi, Today I just upgraded o Windows 11. so far its good lets see what is more inside this new version. :slight_smile:

I Prefer Stability of Fancy Features which I will really never use, intended to solve a problem that I want aware I had to begin with…