Windows 11 - Experiences, Problems and Solutions

The process was ridiculously long, took a bit over 3 hrs to complete the upgrade though I think that comes down to the 1TB mechanical drive files migration. First few days using the laptop were hellish to say the least, it was extremely laggy and slow (down to the un-updated ISO from Microsoft - it’s Windows 11 v1) but after Windows Update ran updates to the system, it’s great. I had to disable quite the number of animations to get it working flawlessly though without a crazy CPU fan curve that was to say the least very annoying.

I’ve got a Core i5-7200U (rubbish CPU) paired with 8 Gigs of 2133MHz RAM on the guinea pig machine. I’m actually considering using Windows as a primary daily driver from Mac but I’ll have to get a better machine.

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Why though? Running Windows on a Mac leaves you dependent on third party applications to get hardware components like the trackpad and audio working right. If using Windows is a must then there are far more appropriate PCs on the market.

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He wants to use the most supported OS while still retaining bragging rights of the Badge…

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I’ve got a Mac as the daily driver, I meant I am thinking of getting a new machine, probably an XPS 17 to switch to using a Windows device as a daily driver.

One thing I’ve noticed about Windows 11 is the negative anecdotes from internal Microsoft software engineers on Hacker News. Allegedly, the UI team for Windows 11 exclusively use Macs, which is understandably a source of frustration.

I came across people complaining that drag and drop feature is also not working properly, is it true?

I think when downloading one should look for an iso file that’s updated to the latest version of windows and not the initial release.The initial release had a number of bugs though they have been fixed through subsequent updates.


yes, you will still receive Window New task Baar updates

Yup, the issues are being fixed now with the new updates rolling out.

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Thank you guys, this issue occurs with me also and now it sorted.

So the June security patch update addresses the “Follina” exploit. Install it as soon as you can.