Windows 11 - Experiences, Problems and Solutions

Hi guyz, i’m having a problem with my Windows 11 Taskbar. It recently just stopped displaying some of my pinned Windows App icons properly as shown in the screenshot below.


I’ve tried reseting the taskbar via Explorer.exe process under Task Manager but to no avail. Googling for solutions online also doesn’t help much. Any one with a quick fix to this problem kindly share.

Unpin the Apps…

Then repin them…

Just tried it, it’s still the same

Win 11 still have some glitches that cant be fixed. For instance, my VPN does not work properly with win 11. I just these are fixed ASAP.

Sorry for that. I haven’t experienced any issues, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Ukipata solution tell us. Keep messing around with stuff.

This morning before doing anything i noticed i had pending windows updates. I clicked on install and after restart my taskbar is now back to normal :+1:


The solution was definitely going to be the windows updates. happens a lot esp when the OS is buggy. Whatever you do,dont run the Insider preview builds esp Dev versions.Hizo zimekuwa stress tupu siku hizi.

Allow me to hi-jack this post.

I know how to bypass this but will I be able to receive updates?

yes,you will still receive updates

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Done with the upgrade and I can confirm that I’m able to receive and install updates.

But but but…there’s no way to move the taskbar to my favourite position on the window (left). :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

How did you bypass that , could you enlighten me or point me to a link or leads on how to do it , I would love to upgrade mine but it doesn’t meet the requirements …comb me

there is,go to taskbar settings,taskbar behaviors,then click the dropdown under taskbar alignment from center to left…

You need to do a clean install using a Windows 11 iso that has the TPM Bypassed (More like a registry edited version). You can torrent the ISO from the link below and upgrade away


Thanks for the link , I hope upgrading through this process is flawless and won’t give me lots of troubles, I want to upgrade the easiest way there is. Not so much tech savvy but I will try.

Actually, moving/repositioning the whole taskbar to the left side of the screen. Not moving the icons on the taskbar.

I hope Microsoft address this :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

Try this if you’re afraid of Torrents. Just ensure that your internet is off when doing the upgrade because Windows will dial back home and flag your processor.

And by the way, check the video description, the person has prepared everything so you don’t have to do it yourself.


Risky but worth a shot.

Thankyou so much will look look at this too .

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Upgraded through this and win 11 works like a charm on my 7th gen i5.

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How was the process for you ? Did you encounter any problems while upgrading,I haven’t found enough time to upgrade yet but it’s on my to do list .