Windows 10 Slows Down Internet at Night [HELP]

What’s up guys!

I have this Windows 10 PC that slows down/throttles internet speeds at night (Between 9.00PM and 6.00AM) daily.

The issue started at the beginning of this month yet I haven’t done any updates yet. Any other device connected to the same hotspot browses at full speed.

I have an old Windows 7 PC that also browses full speed at that time. But for the Windows 10 PC it throttles speeds at only 500kbps/0.5Mbps.

I have tried to find solutions online but I can’t get anything.

How can I fix it?

Did you set your active hours.

Yes I have set active hours and it starts at 7.00AM and ends at 11:00PM.

Tried to adjust it to see any improvement in speeds but still nothing.

A cursory look when surfing for “why windows 10 pc is throttling speeds” points me to “pending updates”. Is this your case?

For my old folks I do maintain their updates every month a week after or sometimes during the week of #Patch Tuesday depending on severity of problems, just like today, the 2nd Tuesday of the month. It’s a 2-4 hr affair getting everything to download and install. I don’t get why #Microsoft can’t do updates like #Linux distros. But anyway…

Afterwards I run ChrisTitusTech’s debloat script, it’s being maintained and thus not stale, that has Oh no Shutup and nice settings like getting only security updates.

I also pause/freeze (can’t remember the term) updates for what If I recall correctly is ~30 days.

Also while here use a package manager like Chocolatey or Winget or Scoop to install and update programs you use. They remove annoying dialogues you have to go through during installation/uninstallation, simplify updating all your programs and are probably the cure to such issues which I only see being more prevalent - SEO poisoning pushes malware-laced Zoom, TeamViewer, Visual Studio installers

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Can’t hear from up here on Windows 11 :rofl:. Anyway, if I were you I’d make sure I’m up-to-date with patches etc. If that doesn’t work, I’d reinstall clean windows.

Are you using any VPN? Do you download during those hours?

For those of us who like keeping off feature updates 20H2 is hurtling to an End of Service(EOS) on May 10 2022 for home. 21H1 - Dec 13th 2022. 21H2 - July 13th 2023.

Thanks guys for all your contributions. After investigating the issue further, I realized that when I switch to a different internet source (like Tethering) the speeds go back to normal.

I started to suspect the home fibre router as the main culprit. And yes it is the one that was messing up with my PC’s bandwidth speeds.

Here’s why.

When the PC is the only one connected, internet speeds reach maximum. But when other devices are connected, it just throttles the PC’s internet speeds.

I don’t know why this happens because the router doesn’t even have bandwidth management settings for connected devices.

So, I bought a cheap router with bandwidth management (Tenda F3 N300 cost me 1,500bob). I connected it to the home fibre router and everyone has to access the internet from the Tenda F3.

It’s two days now and that throttling thing hasn’t happened. :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


Aha! So goes back to the age old problem Safaricom introduced unnecessarily to throttle devices and prioritize one.


Calling my ISP to inquire why it only affected my PC.

Weirdly enough,i am not facing any throttling on my safcom connection.