Windows 10 mobile, to stay or not to stay?

Is it time to ditch windows mobile??? I ask myself this question several times given that guys at Microsoft are doing absolutely nothing to build on their platform instead they are in some love affair with IOS & Android. It begs the question how do u clean your neighbours’ house before yours, Microsoft seems to have forgotten that their house isn’t in order and instead focused on building quality apps for rivals some of these apps have features which doesn’t exist in windows mobile.I expected to hear more abt Microsoft’s plan for the windows mobile on build2016 buh surprisingly Android & IOS was mentioned more than windows 10 mobile so I ask myself what’s the need of being in a platform with potential but with no good support given after all I still can get their apps in other platforms with better features except some few.I am watching closely & soon I may cross over if Microsoft’s ego continue.

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There’s a long story as to why microsoft decided to do what it is doing now. If you can remenber sometime back microsoft was focused on its own operating system and did everything for windows mobile but then they started losing customers to rival operating systems(android and ios). For this reason they decided to have most of their services on the other operating systems so that they don’t keep losing customers as well as claw back customers who had moved over to other services (some people would like to use microsoft word on a mac to get the best of both worlds).This concept seemed to work because they stopped haemorrhaging customers and actually most people thought it was an awesome idea since you didn’t need to have a windows powered device to enjoy microsoft services.This is called “cross platformisation”,getting your services on other platforms so that people have more choice. Google has its services on ios and (more recently)aple has started unbundling its services like itunes on android.The other issue (which i suppose is either statistical or entirely microsoft’s fault,depending on how you look at it) is developers themselves don’t have much incentive to build appps or srevices for windows since its marketshare is laughable compared to ios and android for this reason developers don’t bother with windows which explains the scarcity of content.Microsoft may have realised that to survive then cross platformisation is the way forward or this is part of a wider strategy to move from having a mobile ecosystem to providing services on other platforms and capture wider audiences.

Pascal, here is your answer, in black and white

“Windows phones are not our focus this year.” That’s one statement you will most likely dread to hear if you have, in any way, invested in the promise of Microsoft’s mobile platforms, whether as a user or as a developer. And no, it isn’t an April Fools joke either. That was more or less the message that Windows chief Terry Myerson left The Verge, unambiguously saying that the company’s developer focus is anywhere but on Windows Phone. Then again, if you’re a long-time Windows Phone follower, you might already be used to the second rate citizen treatment.

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having Microsoft apps on other platforms is one mistake guys at Redmond did remember the days when office wasn’t in Android or IOS, windows phone had a market share of 20%+ but because of some ego Microsoft stopped to update or support its apps and instead focused on starting afresh which left older devices unsupported. My point is withdraw office apps from android & IOS and make the windows apps only am sure ppl will go after Microsoft same way Android has no single app in windows store and ppl go after google maps in Android its two way support me I support u.

The big question is…Why are you still on Microsoft???


by the way nowadays popular apps which are in the GooglePlay store are also in the Windows store, I rarely use strange unknown apps in the Play store.

am there coz of love and I care so much about my security and privacy :lock_with_ink_pen: it keeps me there I don’t wanna imgn my private data sold to the highest bidder I don’t want to be frightened by fright bugs I don’t want to stay somewhere where my os is not updated regardless of me being on a low end or high end device that’s why I am at Microsoft besides Android fears that when they release their apps to windows they may see some migration and shifting that’s why at some point they blocked a YouTube app built by Microsoft.


Microsoft made Windows 10 a free upgrade because it has the explicit goal of making money from Internet services, ads, apps and games that run on it.

Many of Microsoft’s data collection systems are turned on by default and there’s no easy way to turn that off (if there’s even any way at all).

Data collection to is inevitable. It happens on every connected device on the planet and Microsoft is a very big player in this field too…lol

Lol…This shows a lack of innovation from Microsoft and the fact that windows has agreed to Android being a defacto mobile OS standard. Even the release of Office 365 to Android just goes to show this.

I mean this is almost similar to blackberry’s attempt to latch onto life by releasing Android based smartphones.

Plus let’s face it, Nokias adoption of Windows after acquisition is one of the major factors that is leading to their death.

Bold statement here

Am wondering whats stopping Microsoft from making Windows 10 installable on any Generic phone brand. Sort of like what they did with the IBM clones. Is it that windows doesnt support akina Mediatek, qualcomm etc? if not why? If I could get the option to install Windows 10 on my Infinix zero 5 I would. Any time. Have the phone guys offer to flavours of the same.

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Well, I think Windows 10 should be able to run on any hardware. You will just have to hack the processor on your phone in order for it to run. It’s not impossible and there’s a good chance the guys over at XDA might have something.

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Interesting. Hope they are working on the Mediatek kernell and Qualcom SOCs that way you can install Windows 10 Mobile on any commodity hardware just like PC clones in the early 2000s. That I would love to see

True but I meant official support. Like not require user hacking just a step by step tutorial from MS. Much bigger market for them in my opinion.

Well they already announced that there wont be any further development and it’s on life support now until end of next year, where those who have the fall creator’s update will be the ones to receive the last updates in December 2019.
I personally feel its a shame coz in all honesty Windows 10 mobile was crappy when i first got my Lumia in 2016. There were too many bugs, apps kept on crashing every now n then, keyboard could sometimes not shoe, Microsoft Edge, the only browser could freeze often. But as Microsoft kept on releasing updates it kept getting better and better, especially thanks to the insider program where guys would give feedback on unstable builds.
Right now Windows 10 Mobile is about as stable as it can get, multitasking is a breeze, especially if you have more RAM in your device. Of course there are a few problems with some apps like Twitter crashing sometimes coz updates aren’t coming n doesn’t seem like Twitter is bothered now that they’ve changed Twitter PC app to a progressive web app and abandoned the mobile app. Nevertheless the OS is good
Even so there was a time I had restored my phone back to Windows 8.1 and even though that OS is lackluster hua inatumia battery vizuri sana. I could get like 40% charge remaining in the evening while right now na vile am heavy user hua inazima. When i retire my device al restore Windows 8.1 and be using the phone as a Faiba 4G router nkieka kwa bag when am on the move

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Seeing as its on its way out I wonder what their plan for mobile is. Ignore the ecosystem just like that? Make apps for android and iOS and not have an OS on mobile? Seems rather defeatist to me.

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It’s a dead platform scheduled for EOL in 2019 and with no external community. Leave while you can.

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Well Satya Nadella said that they will be back in the smartphone business though specifically stating that their phones won’t look like the phones in the market today, so let’s wait n see. Though seems like it’s gonna be a long wait

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