Windows 10 Creators Update is Here - My Experience

Hey guys, so Microsoft decided to allow common mwananchi (read early adopters) to install the latest Windows 10 update dubbed “Creators Update”. I talked about it in a post and highlighted all the exciting things you should look forward to:

So, until now, I have not encountered any issues with the update, apart from losing my sleek wallpaper and a few incompatibility issues that were automatically detected and fixed with a simple restart(s).

Who else has tried the update? I would like to know what your experiences are and if you haven’t downloaded it yet, what are you waiting for?

Some of us are sticking with Unliminet, aka Windows 7.


Being on the Insider Program i have already moved on to the new Redstone 3 builds with Build no 16170,But Windows 10 Creators Update(Build No:15063) has been great using so far,cortana is more polished,game mode keeps improving and edge browser is quite fast,Windows Defender performs much better now,no need to buy an antivirus product now.

For me I prefer windows 10 the way it is…so I think I will skip that update.