Wifi Extender/Router with best range

Can someone suggest the best wifi extender below 15k. It can be an in door or out door one.
For in door routers, bonus features(not necessary but would be great to have) i would like to have are:

  1. Ability to directly connect a 3G/4G usb modem.
  2. Ability to do a wired tether(from a phone) to the router.
  3. DD-WRT support

Also,suggest the best place to buy networking stuff in Nairobi.

Hi Sam, I use a Huwei RouterE5330). I got this router from Airtel. The router only connects to 2G and 3G networks.The router has an internal battery which has given me 5-6 hours of continuous use when full. The router at Jumia is sold at 6000, however I have seen the same being sold at 4000 on other sites. The router has its own mobile app where you can easily manage your connections. The router also allows sharing of the internet connection through USB.
The only thing that may discourage you might be the connection distance which is about 5-10 meters.

Go to optace ltd, 2nd floor old mutual kimathi avenue, ask for mikrotik routers-750u, 950u or others they might recommend. They are enterprise grade equipment, very customizable, and can create a very good mesh network (a series of repeaters) Without much network downgrade experienced with other equipment.

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Hi Lukirdem. I’m looking at 10-20 metres. The router needs to be powerful.It doesn’t have to connect to the networks itself. I only want it to pick an internet connection-from a usb modem or a WiFi hotspot(like from the router you’ve just mentioned) and extend the range-10 to 20 metres.

Hi. I contacted them. They suggested TP-Link MR3420. I’m looking for reviews for the product.

Is this for your backyard? Because such a problem definition looks like it.

Try the ubiquiti ac pro
Actually I think it might go for a bit more than your budget but after all cheap is expensive
You should checkout Linus tech tips on youtube
Probably everything you need is there

The problem is i only get good reception(from Airtel) at one specific place in my house. Unfortunately,that place happens to be my storage room-for tools. The other unfortunate thing, in this case, is that the house is big-the storage room is far away from the sitting area. The wifi signal from the hotspot tends to degrade over that distance. So that’s why i need a router with good range.

I’ll check the channel out. So far(although i’m still open to suggestions)I’ve narrowed to two: The Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 EX7000 and the Asus RT-N66U Dual-Band Wireless-N900. The Asus is older but less expensive and the good it supports the use of a 3G/4G USB modem. The Nighthwak has gotten some good reviews particularly on range, its “newer”, but doesn’t have the bonus features i wanted. Both don’t have DD-WRT support but that doesn’t matter.

Got the Netgear extender. The one on the bottom is the original wifi hotspot. The two on the top are from the extender-2.4Ghz and 5GHz. I was worried i might experience slower speeds but that’s not the case. Videos on YouTube are even loading in 720p by default.


Mobile Wi-Fi (MiFi) routers usually don’t have the best range. @Samuel needs something with two to four high-gain antennas for best coverage but I can’t suggest anything right now.