Why you still need to root your Android device in 2015

  1. For custom ROMs. It’s not 2011 anymore and custom firmware is not all the rage anymore. Still, if you need to load anything other than official firmware on your Android device, you must root. There are no two ways about it.

  2. For custom recoveries. You may not need to flash a custom ROM but you may need a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM for things like flashing some essential scripts, app bundles and the like (assuming you know what you’re doing that is). You don’t always need root in order to flash a custom recovery but in some cases it is necessary. In some instances, as is often the case with Samsung devices released as of early 2014, you even use the custom recovery to root the device itself instead of the other way round.

  3. For Xposed framework. Xposed opens up any phone to a whole world of endless possibilities.
    Seen this on my phone?

    That’s an Xposed module at work.
    I have an old phone, the Galaxy Note 3. Immediately after the Note 3 left the factory floor, Samsung did away with the menu button on its devices. Instead it put a recent apps button on the Galaxy S5 and it’s been that way ever since. Guess what? I have managed to replicate the same functionality on the Note 3 thanks to the MenuBeGone Xposed module. With modules like Wanam Xposed, it’s a world of choices with no consequences. Well, unless you brick your phone while you’re at it.

  4. For apps like Titanium Backup and other applications that still need root, you need root, there are no two ways about it.

Also through Xposed framework, you can make the screen size smaller for one handed use.

i should get that on my phone … Other reasons are not worth it anymore.

any useful link ? i want to try that now .

You can download the app here and sample all the modules either through the app or on the site as well. Most modules will only work well if you are on KitKat. A few more will work on Lollipop.

Thanks a lot. I am trying it on KitKat.

@echenze tried rooting my phone all weekend but i cant find the right software. Any suggestions?

Which phone is that?

It is the HTC 620g dual sim

Which procedure were you using?

I tried rooting from the PC using Kingroot, One click root and another software but in all instances the phone won’t connect to the software.

Kingroot from PC? I thought you usually run Kingroot from the phone itself. From your stock browser. Since 620G is a Mediatek, it should root. It’s always worked in my case. http://kingroot.net/root/

Or just try out iRoot

Also, for these things to work, always have USB Debugging on. Check Developer Settings section of your phone’s Settings app

I was pretty sure it would run from PC but let me retry then run an app that confirms the same

Hey @echenze I managed to root it using the rootking app. Installed Viperforandroid and its pure bliss :grinning:

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I think Kingroot is the best. It is one click root and worked in almost all android phones. download link:http://kingrootapp.org/