Why you should use the Lean Canvas to model your business

Looking back over the last 3 years building Kejahunt, the growth has simply been mind blowing.
And this is the day it started: with building out our Lean canvas: A lean canvas is an actionable and entrepreneur-focused business plan - that you can create in less than 20 minutes, forget about spending two months writing a business plan.
As a result of the foundation and goals we set that day, we’ve now served thousands of clients, seen tremendous grown within the team, some of whom have left to start their own companies, and who i’m proud of and still support to this day.
Others have innovated within the company, leading to the birth of our sister company KejaMove.
I am proud.
But one thing we rarely mention is just how tiring this has been.
For all of us.
We laugh about it with the team when we think we ran away from 8-5 jobs to literally work without break. (I personally never really had a conventional job though, I’m actually seriously thinking of taking a sabbatical at some point to go work for someone.)
But really what has kept us grounded is the realization of how far we’ve come over the last 3 years.
And seeing that our dream is still alive.
The dream to provide affordable housing services to every kenyan.
The dream to improve the livelihoods of all our staff, our field officers, drivers, and loaders.
That dream, that dream: will live on.
It’s 3 years now. 3 fucking years! Hell of a ride.
Got to thank God.
Okay, Back to work now.

There is several things that conflict with being an entrepreneur, one is a social life. If you happen to have people in your life who need you day to day, like a spouse or offspring, you will have to make a lot of compromises. Sometime you learn on the way which things work, which don’t. And it’s different for everyone of us.

Now about Lean Canvas, mind pointing us in the direction of tools you use to develop one? What does beginning in Lean Canvas look like?

I guess the Lean Canvas is a tonned down version a Business Model Canvas. Here’s a link to help those interested https://canvanizer.com/new/lean-canvas

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