Why Startups Should not Chase Media Buzz

Here’s a very interesting opinion of startups approach to media coverage. In summary, media coverage has been associated with startups gaining mileage in way of raising money, since they get visible and look good in the eyes of potential investors. However, there is a risk of creating hype for a startup who’s product isn’t quite ready to handle all this newfound fame. Such as platform versatility, user expectations and all.

The writer’s advice is try get media coverage when your story and product is good enough, that way it will be sustainable and not ruin your startup when users come on board. Remember Ello? How is BRCK doing?

The startup business model encourages rapid development through live beta testing and releasing incomplete features.

To show that the author doesn’t even believe the bold claim in the title, there’s this little gem right in the middle of the article.

one study of technology startups found that more coverage in industry media early in a company’s development was associated with receiving greater levels of venture capital funding later. We studied 60 venture-capital-backed companies and found that those that eventually achieved successful outcomes for investors tended to attract more media coverage along the way.

But raising VC funds doesnt always equate to product/business success…VC funds can help a business scale its operations/products or service offerings,Media buzz does facilitate in marketing the product or service but if the product/service does not have organic growth,the business cannot go far