Why I do not recommend Avechi anymore

Now No. 2, ahead of Facebook & Standard Media

How Avechi has not done something about the discussion is curious. Is it that the general public doesn’t read Techweez when deciding where to buy phones or Techwees readers are not their target market, or… ?


Avechi uses some fancy ads and baits like 3-hour delivery in the CBD and fake promos to lure customers. I have even shared this forum thread on all their Facebook campaigns. Off late, they have sponsored a number of articles on the Standard news website. Standard has also shared those articles on their fanpages to which I gladly share this thread. They’re taking advantage of vulnerable clients.


Yup! If you don’t search online for reviews this is how they will get you. They spend lots of money.


Shipped directly from manufacturer :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Very few kenyans buy phones online, most that do first check GSMarena, Jumia, OLX or price in Kenya before going ut knowing very well which phone they will get, so it’s sad that Avechi is screwing the few clients that they manage to get.

They have blocked me from their wall. hahaha

i guess this means i am avoiding avechi going forward…

Maybe the wrong forum but, I happened to pass by LG Kenya online brand shop and saw this

See the fridge is 10% off, I decide to check the daily deals in depth and I see this

99.98% off which means the fridge is 10 Bob, alright I decide to try ordering the item, the process goes on fine
And I even get an order confirmation email with a 20 Bob invoice 10 Bob for the fridge and 10 Bob for shipping

So basically I am waiting to receive my fridge anytime, unless it’s an error on their side, guess you should try it just for fun, it might turn out to be true


You are either very lucky or someone is preparing an explanation why they won’t be shipping you a fridge.

I went there and it was 10% off.

Well, I think it must be a website upgrade mishap, but if it was a real deal then I shall be very happy.

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I was raving customer of Avechi.i bought a lenovo yoga tablet,a lenovo phone e.t.c.i returned the lenovo phone for screen replacement.i got a replacement minus other vital part that covers the ear piece.it was a poor service by otherwise an overwhelmed one technician at their workshop. in addition with poor customer service demonstrated by those girls at pioneer house,i won’t recommend Avechi to anybody.


Avechi must have pissed off lots of people. Till there’s a whole thread on how not to buy from them. But do they even care

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I will not pretend that i didn’t learn that from the money heist on Netflix.

Hi Pals, It seems am late but i have to echo those who have complained regarding the Online Stores. Am an IT Admin but have been conned severally by the so called Amazon wanna be’. I don’t recommend buying online because of the experience and treatment i have received when i have bought stuff online. It’s better to deal with a known brand with outlets here than Jumia & Avechi.
Most products are cheap toys which they ship from china and sell to us. I rather buy an Ex-UK product than a new product from them simply because i will get back ROI than the new one from Jumia & Avechi.

I wish i read this forum before. My sister faced the same displeasure and false advertising but got her refund.
One thing i noticed with Avechi,is that they claim to have what they dont so u settle for a alternative similar model. What i dislike about avechi is that they sell products not regionally supported and dont put it as a disclaimer, incase of any problem you cannot enforce the warranty of the respectable model even if they have offices literally everywhere(samsung). Hence u are forced to pay them yet you have the warranty. I think that is their way of doing business and it is rather shrewed.
Avechi has seen its last of me.
I am disappointed.

Not only Avechi, even Jumia sells items without indicating whether they are supported locally.
For instance I bought my s8 from jumia… Had issues getting updates a couple weeks later, went to a Samsung shop who when they heard I hadn’t purchased the phone locally, referred me to a dealer who would charge me at least Kshs. 2,500 just to update the phone.
Long story short I didn’t go to that dealer. But I wish some of these retailers would clearly indicate availability of support, to enable one to make a decision…


This is a opportunity for Masoko if someone is listening. They claim to insist on dependable suppliers.

So, this forum post is no longer ranking anywhere? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Avechi is a right of passage for tech enthusiasts in Kenya :joy:.


We get devices others don’t have locally there sasa wacha tu tupitie huko