Why I do not recommend Avechi anymore

I was reading this forum thread and saw a few people mention how great Avechi is.

I am guessing most of them have not had issues with their phones. I took my phone in for repair in May '17 and this was my experience.

Their service center is located along Kenyatta Avenue. It used to be their store before they moved to Pioneer House along Moi Avenue. The shop is small and can probably fit 9 people at a time.

There was a single guy doing the repairs. I think he is the only one in charge of repairs (There was a single seat at the repair desk)

For issues they cannot fix, the phones are shipped to China for repair.

I walked in and found 5 angry customers.

One guy bought a Samsung S7 and Avechi said he needs to take the phone to Samsung for repairs. The phone was still under warranty.
Another lady was complaining that her phone was not really fixed despite waiting for over a month.
Two other people were complaining that they have not received their phones back for over 2 months.
I don’t remember what the other guy was complaining about.

I also overheard several phone calls where the receptionist was trying really hard to come down the other party on the call.

Oh, and yes, they screwed me over too. My phone’s micro USB port was faulty. The phone would just stop charging after a few seconds. They fixed it but ruined the USB media transfer.

Went back the following day and the repair guy told me he would only fix the charging issue and not USB Transfer since it was not a reported issue (See their policy below for more details). Mind you, USB media transfer was working just fine before.

After much debate, the guy said the phone needs a new motherboard and I will have to pay for it.

There was no way I was going to pay for repairs that are typically covered by a warranty.

This is their policy. The image is not very clear (Sorry about that)



I have had issues with phones and never had to go through this. Nokia/Lumia service centers were probably the best when it came to honoring warranties.

Safaricom shop is also good.


If you love playing Russian roulette with your phones, Avechi has got you covered.

Well, where do you recommend we buy our rare devices then? Moi Avenue stalls are far much worse than Avechi.

This is why I never advise someone who needs me to guide them, to shop outside local warranty established stores. I tell them to get a smartphone via channel, so all those names me and you know to have physical stores with legit warranty centres.

As for the rest who don’t need my advise, they know how to navigate the murky world of international online shopping and its warranty/service intricacies.

As @martingicheru has said, buy phones from local vendors with established repair centres that have a dedicated repair team. It will save you a lot of agony if anything happened to your phone and that is something you cannot foresee. Case in point, I purchased an LG G3 from a third party vendor. It was a European model and I paid a 10k less than what official channels would have charged me. I broke the QHD screen a week later, and had to part with another 20K to have it fixed because I had no local warranty. At the same time, a friend who had the same device had his motherboard replaced for free because he was wiser than me as his unit was purchased from LG Kenya.
As stated by @sarunibm, there are awesome phones out there which are not available locally, so we rely on the likes if Avechi to deliver. For instance, I bought my Redmi Note 4X from them. I know that if anything happened to it, I will be royally screwed because I’m fairly certain they do not have a dedicated team to handle Xiaomi phones. This is because all phones are assembled differently and use different components, so unless you are a JerryRigEverything (it is mostly guess work but artistic hands), it will be unchartered territory. See what they did to your lovely port?
All in all, anyone who routes the Avechi-esque way needs to be aware of this problem. My advise is that you should purchase a device that will not hurt you or your pocket should anything happened to it.

If you are okay with losing that 20k in case anything happens to your ‘rare’ phone, I won’t stop you.

However, you have no business buying an LG, Xperia, Samsung, iPhone etc from Avechi. Go to established stores for that.

Safaricom shop is slightly expensive but I would gladly pay that extra 3k and know I am covered. They replaced my Lumia yet it was something that could be easily fixed.

The Lumia/Nokia service center at Hilton replaced my Nokia X motherboard twice before giving me a new phone.

Good luck getting that kind of service from Avechi or other similar stores.

My next purchase was a Xiaomi but after this, I am sticking to major brands.

Safaricom is equally worse when it comes tp honoring warranties. Several cases of them being taken to court for failure to honor the same and in all cases they claimed the owners exposed the phones to water.

Anyway, I know Fonexpress to be great at honoring warranties. My big brother and big sister all had their phones repaired under warranty and at no cost.

As for me, I’m so lucky never to have bought a phone that turned out faulty. But I bought a Nokia for mom once and it turned out faulty. Returned it to those shops opposite Afya center around where Bata is and the guys who were at the shop took a hike :joy::joy::joy:

I said never never never again. I will never again go shop at those small small shops again. Let me stick to mainstream shops (minus Safaricom).

I guess we all buy phones for different reasons and with specific considerations. Never have I ever thought of buying a phone just because it has a local repair center - it is simply not a consideration for me.



The problem is back. My phone will not charge. In a few hours, I’ll have a brick worth several 1000’s.

Thank you Avechi.

I’ll wait for Jumia or Safaricom for my Arte Black.

Exactly. Why should you be expecting a brand new phone to die on you regardless which manufacturer it is from? The truth is that very few phones actually require warranty repairs if you compare them with the massive number of phones bought every day. I have owned many different phones usually from very obscure brands and in my experience, if it breaks it must be 80% your doing.

Anyways I think the risk of my phone from a lesser known company potentially dying is worth it in terms of the performance and cost benefits I get for taking such a big risk.

I agree with you


Why should you get insurance if you have never been sick? Life happens and it is always good to know you are covered in case anything happens.

A warranty is just like insurance. You might never need it but it is always nice to know you are covered if the phone is defective.

But everybody is different, I guess.

Not really. Once bought my mom a Nokia mulika mwizi. The phone looked nice for a parent who is more into just a good phone that can call (not even sms). So walked around those shops opposite Afya Center comparing prices. Highest, 2,700/= to the lowest 2,300/=

I regret not listening to advice. Some lady in some shop openly told me hiyo ya 2,300/= ni hasara anauza hata mimi mwisho ni 2,500/= So you can just go for the 2,300/=

Yes, I did go for the 2,300/= one kumbe ni simu ilikua imeharibika imefanyiwa ukarabati and repackaged. Huyo mimi, na furaha zangu kama Shiks Kapyenga napelekea mom simu mpya. Huyu mimi niko mom, cheki, uko mbele sasa wacha tueke kwa charger kwanza. The moment I turned on the switch. Fireworks from the connection between the phone’s charging port na simu zilitoka kwa wingi.

Turned off the power from the mains then nikashindwa si simu ilifanyiwa testing nikiona na ikarudishwa kwa box. No exchange was done with anything. Kurudisha they refused to take it back. I tried to compare the IMEI na ya box then realized hapa nilichezwa. IMEI’s were not matching and that was the END for me from buying from shops from just any place.

Bought mom another Nokia phone my small bro akaenda nayo kupeleka milk kwa barabara for collection by dairy company akaibiwa simu. Bought another Nokia, same bro akaenda nayo shughuli fulani, ikaibiwa. Bought her her last Nokia phone (she wanted a nice camera phone apige picha wakienda many church meeting juu alikua mama wa kanisa) before her demise a few months later. Siz na uncles and aunts who wanted the phone wakapigania wakatupa kwa maji (80% applies here) :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Though personally, sijawahi nunua simu yangu ikaharibika.

Very interesting story. But buying a phone from shady places is different from buying a phone from a less-known brand. Hiyo ulichezwa vizuri. Although, the point is, if you buy a genuine phone from a shop, regardless of whether the shop is Avechi or Safaricom, chances of the device being faulty are low.

This makes for a good read but I’ve got two words for you: buyer beware. Nothing of what you said belongs to my 20% (factory deffect.)

Well I think so. I likua kitambo sana for hiyo phone ya fireworks. :joy::joy::joy:

Correct. I am surprised that members in this forum STILL buy phones from shady places given how much knowledge and experience they possess. It’s like those IT Security Professionals who insist on security practices yet have the worst passwords (or none at all)

I trust about 3 people to be middle management when it comes to acquiring electronic devices the rest of the time I import them on my own. Trying out various services I shall post on them when I’m done :slight_smile:

For my part it was such a long time ago when people used to buy Nokia phones because of the Snake game. That was an eye opener. Skuizi I do research like 6 months before buying an item. Sounds crazy but yeah, never gone wrong with. Also , I still make my purchase from shops that I’m sure a warranty will be honoured.

Hii ya Avenchi thank GOD I missed the OnePlus 3T and settled for a different phone last year. Even though you don’t purchase an item with the intent of it getting spoiled, at least you have to make sure should anything go wrong, you’ll be in safe hands.

Thank you for summarizing this entire thread.

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I think you made the worst mistake of 2016. But what do I know :laughing: