Why do people use safaricom?

Orange is so much better when it comes to browsing and calling, I guess those boring ripoff safaricom ads on TV and YouTube actually work

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One Word : Reliability


We all love to hate Saf but they’ve proven time and time again they are the ONLY realiable & consistent telco in Kenya. Hata uwe shimo gani, you can be sure that Mobile + Data will work.

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Reliable, always, like at the moment I am in in ocha, faiba is missing, Airtel is crap and orange is spotty, Safaricom on the other hand is full bars 4G, even in cities saf is always on while the rest suffer frequent blackouts, another thing is m-pesa, many agents and easy to use, another is customers are locked in, I bet most people don’t know their faiba, Airtel or orange numbers, while the saf number is known off head

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Back in school when we made fun of how our parents used to insist and refer to KBC as VOK is the same way our kids will make fun of us refering to Telkom as Orange :smile:, but you are better off baba, in the office we have an old soul who still refers to Airtel as Kencell, no matter how much correcting we try to instill on him


Its reliability,that’s why we still stick around.

This Telcos change names so fast to the point its becoming annoying

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I have given Telkom many chances but it never stops. I play online games on my device and whenever I use Telkom am likely to lose a match cuz it’s never consistent.

Safaricom on the other hand is expensive but always reliable. 4g iko mpaka ocha, something you can’t say about other telcos.

Faiba has turned out to be garbage in the recent past. I hope they will work on their network issues sooner than later.

There is no Telkom or Airtel 3G where I live while Safaricom is 4G so its not really an option

Safaricom has the strongest network coverage and the best customer support.

Telkom have improved since the change of management but they are not even on the same level with Airtel, nevermind Safaricom.

I remember per minute billing and 300 shillings being the smallest unit of airtime available. We have come a long way from those days.

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He must be my neighbor - same case :joy::joy::joy:


Zain still famous Lol

Anyone noticed there is a hidden Safaricom Platinum Plan Package Tariff under USSD Code (Star)544(Star)6(Hash). You wont find it on the Safaricom App. It’s package that gives 200min, 4GB data, Unlimited SMS + Whatsapp for 1,000bob only. On the Safaricom App the least Platinum Plan Package is 2,000bob

At least for me the option is available but it doesn’t seem to be accessible (keeps referring me to the Safaricom app).

My bro travelled to Funyula (Busia) over the holidays and sent me these screenshots

Rural home is some few kilometres from Funyula town and as you can see Safaricom reigns supreme with even Safaricom 4G coverage being there. Such a shame that there’s no Telkom 3G or Airtel 3G and even Uganda mobile networks are sometimes stronger and phones frequently roam to the Ugandan networks.
What piqued my interest though was the slight peep of Airtel Kenya 4G in the second screenshot, I’m guessing they must be setting up the network in Busia town and that’s why the signal was picked.
Would be interesting if they set up 4G there and overlooking 3G, otherwise in terms of coverage Safaricom is a winner

That is strange, i bought that package without any redirections to the app? Kwani what safaricom Tariff are you on?

I’m on post paid although that’s not usually an issue with bundles. It really is strange.

Is it one of the hybrid postpaid packages? You can’t subscribe on platinum until you’ve exhausted all the resources on your post paid. This also applies to flex bundles, you have to finish all your flex points before you can hop on platinum.

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Yes it’s hybrid post paid. Thanks for the info, I’ll give it a go when I exhaust my monthly allocation.

The All in One Safaricom Bundle was awesome but it’s as if imeisha smh. It’s mid month and I needed to top up my minutes only to be met by this popup

I used to purchase the 400mins for 1k na nisahau kununua credit for about 2weeks. 2k would get me 1000minutes which would easily cruise through the month. The normal platinum has a 1k package for 200mins which to me doesn’t make sense :unamused:

Nimerudi Telkom for their 300minutes for 1k till further notice.