Who is winning this space with all this offerings?

So,this morning equity subsisdiary finserve have launched what they believe to be their next game in the apps sector. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=africa.finserve.mkey
Who is winning this market?.Installed it and i cant terribly allow their keyboard to take precedence over my default keyboard.That has been my number one red flag.

I tend to think they are trying to mine data by allowing their keyboard to collect all personal data which according to me is the stupid thing i can allow such a platform to do

That’s the first thing they need to worry about, but I understand you can still use the app without the keyboard. It is yet to work in any of my phones, so I don’t know what compromises there are if one avoids the keyboard.

I went through their list of permissions and they are the normal stuff. Unless they are not being forward with everything. But understandably, data mining is expected in any app. The only concern is what data the app is mining and what it will be used to do.

At launch the MD said they are GDPR compliant from the word go, I don’t know if that is comforting.

GDPR is specifically for people living in EU. It doesn’t do anything for us in Kenya, so they can mine all data they can and use it for any reason.

Edit: I disabled their keyboard and it refuses to let you access the app.

But the App’s description says it’s a keyboard. So that is the primary function of the app.

Yes this is the case.I have tried to disable it and the app no longer works

Checked the keyboard and after installing,it became the default one which is the expected behavior.Imagine the keyboard collecting everything you type on your phone?.I just try to think of what users type in phone and that one permission made me uninstall the app immediately after test run.

The last thing i personally would run away from is trusting kenyan company with data*.

Very interesting that you have no problem giving American companies the same data. But I get the concerns.


Foreign entities are proving to be more trustworthy than local entities,in my view…but what do i know,i could be wrong.

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I tried to do this but it refuses. I installed and set it as the keyboard, checked it out, decided I prefered gboard. Once I changed back to gboard, mkey refuses to launch until you set it back as the default keyboard.

Maybe this is why it doesn’t work on my devices either.