Who has used TCL, Vision Plus, Tomado, Lightwave or Shaani?

I have used Samsung and Sony TVs in the past and in summary, these brands deliver what they promise or come close enough. If you pay for Samsung Smart HD TV you get complete Smart TV features and HD quality pictures, deep colors, blacker blacks etc. Now I have seen a lot of TVs on Jumias promising 4K and Smart features and I am wondering at those prices do they really have all that? I’m particulalrly interested in TCL.

In an unrelated case, there is a con game that has been flagged along Luthuli just at the Eastleigh bus shops. It is how I was conned 5k from my first TV purchase. Pains me to date:grin: In short here is what happens; You see the TV you like, a legit one on display, you negotiate for it, they give you a very fair price, you pay for it and they quickly write a receipt only for the wrong TV, maybe a generic one. Of course they feign confusion and in my case they used a price list in a book to show me that I could only get that TV if I was willing to pay an additional 5k. They refused to refund the initial payment arguing goods once sold - receipt written - cannot be taken back. You cannot leave your money or take a substandard product so you will most likely add the dough and get the TV you wanted. If you buy anything there do not pay until you have the TV you want next to you and confirm that it is the one you will be taking home. Or avoid that place altogether.

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Exact same thing happened to me
Agreed on an LG 43, paid so that they could get the TV from their store upstairs… They had shown me display TV’s…at first I was hesitant to pay before them bringing the TV. But some convincing later I naively paid up. The guy then went to bring the TV. I waited and waited. Kept being told that he had brought the TV I wanted but didn’t see me , so returned it.
Some employee came and asked me by the way what did I pay for. The guy told me that he was risking his job and that the TV I had bought was an analog one and not what I had wanted. Then the guy brought a book and showed me some prices claiming that the TV I needed would require me to add some cash, or take a smaller TV.
Long story short after some arguments and long hours I walked home with a 32’ instead of a 43’, at a steep price…


Bought a Samsung 40" 2 years ago from Luthuli. Paid for it after kuona box iko intact. The seal was intact with no signs of opening and closing again with cello tapes.

After T.V kufunguliwa, we inspected, repackaged and mimi ndiyo nikafunga na cellotape na kuekelea jualaa juu.

I paid t.v ikiwa katikati ya miguu zangu. Hii story mtu unalipa kitu haujaona, whom are you paying in the first place?

Ooh before I forget, go to Somali shops (bought t.v there). Those guys are good. Remember buying a Quadcore i5 CPU in 2015 and I jokingly said nadai hii keyboard bure (some fancy Dell keyboards were there) and the guy said. Sawa chukua nakupea free.

So far ni kesi za waKenya kuosha waKenya wenzao.


i agree with deewinc,buy from the somali shops,i recommend banadir electronics at skymall,they always keep their word and do actually test out the product for your before you buy…they also get someone to mount it for you at a small additional cost…

Waaah this is daylight robbery without violence ,I have heard so many stories as such I think it’s better to buy from original manufacturer at a high price rather than loose your hard earned money on substandard products .Sorry for those experiences next time you know where to get genuine deals .on to the jumia issue the best thing is for you to walk physically in a store and make a decision based on what you want in term of specs and other features.i have heard some pple complain that what you order from jumia is not what you get in reality .

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Oya @weshpierre3, sikuchekelei but kesi yako ni tricky maybe juu wewe sio msee unachangamkia mali umependa. Mimi naamini ukienda kubuy kitu in any shop, chenye umeamua kununua ndio inaletwa unatest… kama hakuna ambia hao operataors vile wanaTest na display Tvs hiyo ndio utanunua kama si hivyo go elsewhere bru.

Well… I’d say this is a good product with genuine and true features. (These Chinese Product in authorized in USA market) I don’t have one but I have friends & Most Thika Road Nganyas with TCL Tvs and they’re awesome… what I don’t know for sure though its their DURABILITY but they’re perfect. If you like trying new things, think of no other brand then


Anyway, customer unafaa kuwasaidia hata kutafta remote na kuweka batteries right ndio ukue wa kwanza kuakisha. But mimi nimeshangaa wasee, unaezaje lipa kitu hujaona… WUE! NITALETA VITA MBAYA MBOVU hadi wanipee pesa ama I demand Display TV.
I dont like people playing with my money at all. :smiley::smiley:


I don’t think they are legit. A few months ago i was searching for a place to buy a solid smart TV at a cheap. After viewing offers on Jumia about kina TCL & Skyworth, i decided to check the comments. Customers were complaining on most “smart” tvs not being smart. They had the features, but those features didn’t work as one would like them to and therefore you resort to using it as just a dumb TV. Alafu someone told me that guys on Luthuli have shops on Jumia. I decided to look elsewhere for legit devices. Hotpoint was my pick for Samsung TVs, complete with warranty from sammy themselves. (they have a shop at garden city). I would recommend you check their website for LG and sammy TVs (they charge normal prices).

FYI, kuna rumor utaskia Luthuli ati Skyworth is a Sony subsidiary and Hisense is a Samsung company. Its crap, dont believe that, its a tactic used by shady dealers to sell more devices.


Wah thanks for sharing this. It’s an eye opener especially since I’m looking to buy a 43" tv. I’m also considering TCL. Can anyone suggest a legit, low price vendor for TCL? Jumia na Luthuli nimeogopa sana.

I think Somali run shops as @Dree_Alexander has suggested are genuine. Also those Asian shops. My last TV purchase was at Luthuli (still but I was older and wiser) from an Asian shop and I got a genuine Samsung smart TV with a warranty.

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Actually my colleague ordered a phone there and it came with less internal memory as shown on the website. He spent the next whole month asking for a refund. Eventually he just topped up and got another device.

Why not just buy Hisense? I think it’s the only new brand that has gained my trust. I have a friend who owns a Skyworth “smart TV”. Lol. It runs stock Android ported to it. So it behaves like a tablet. Smart features don’t really work.

It’s a good choice. But main reason I know people go for TCL smart Tv is because it has fascinating UI features also soft & sweet

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There are very many generic shops in Jumia. If you dont take care you will order from one of them instead of the brands shop. I try to alteast buy from those with Jumia Express.

I have so far bought 20 Phones ( infinix) from Jumia, and they were as advertised.
But I read somewhere of people taking receipt of items that were significantly different (2015 instead of 2018) model.
So, I guess it’s a case of mixed fortunes…

Try buying more premium brands. Huawei and the likes.

Wow! wewe ni re-seller ama namna gani?


Once in a while I buy someone who really needs a Phone but can’t afford…
Mostly that happens to be people close to me ( relations/ friends)

We should be friends… But now with more expensive phones.


Amen. This is amazing