Which Power Laptops are we using in 2018?

As a few of you may know, I recently lost my prized laptop to a robbery in our office last Tuesday (I’ve had it for the last 4 years). For the next few weeks I will be thinking a lot about the laptop of my life that I will grow old and grey with, or till something else does us part.

Let me hear your suggestions about the laptops of your (realistic) dreams so I may take suggestions. You are free to even suggest price and where to get them.

Quite related, I have noticed that premium HP laptops are really a hit with people. My colleagues have a few of them and they look sleek.

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If you are into Windows (which I guess you are :grin:) and you need sleek windows machine that’s powerful, get dell xps 15 2018 (fyi, with 8th gen cpu).

If you are a gamer, and don’t need bulky PC, get MSI GS65 Stealth, that thing combines power and looks.

If you just need productivity and being exceptional (OS wise), get the core i7 macbook pro (2018 with 8th gen cpu)… I know you can afford it, kampuni hii nikubwa :joy:

My point here is, core i7 8th gen cpu has a significant bump in power from 7th gen, and if you need a long lasting pc or mac, make sure it has one.

Also, am trying to be realistic here, from your point of view “a long lasting PC.” If I was you and I was shopping for a long lasting PC, I would save for an 8th gen one. If ni laptop ya kushikilia, enda uchukue some Lenovo ultrabooks, they are great for productivity.


Lenovo Thinkpad’s are the first and last word if you are a power user.

The new MacBooks are all style and no substance and HP ProBook’s don’t have the build quality of old.

That said, if you can source a refurbished 2015 MacBook Pro then I will bet a month’s worth of lunches that rig will give you at least five years of quality service. The last great MacBook.

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Pole Martin for the loss :frowning:
I like 2nd hand HP Elitebooks. My latest, from a year ago (8460p - i7) was 30k from Computer Planet (with a bit of arm twisting). I never buy new - like cars, the depreciation is too high.
Put Kubuntu on it - everything works - unless you play ‘windows’ games, it’ll do everything else just fine.

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This, Lenovos have to be the best laptops I’ve ever used esp when it comes to durability & pricing. If you’re on a budget an Ideapad(not great but they work) will serve you well, if not, get a Thinkpad(nothing short of workhorses).

Macbooks are also good but I have a feeling you’re not a fan.

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You’re a brave one, mimi used electronics(from kenyan stores) ni kitu moja siwezi karibia.


It does make sense these days mate. Anything new has storage and RAM soldered on.

I do pay top dollar for older machines, because performance and service life matters most.


It’s a no brainer, Lenovos are the best hands down. I currently have my eye on the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (my next laptop) Locally i see a lot of 6th Gen Core i7/8GB RAM/256GB SSD X1 Carbons retailing at 45-60k (EXUK price) . My second choice would be the Dell XPS 13, i like my laptops medium sized for convenience and portability. The clarity on a DELL XPS laptop is to die for

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This is a good deal, point me that direction. This could help a lot in providing patience for my next laptop.

I have a Lenovo legion 920, 32GB RAM if you do heavy computing it’s worth the huge price, the battery does not last long at most 4 hours.

No thicc laptops for me. Every laptop for me should be light and between 13-14 inch.

I recommend a thin and sleek laptop, preferably Dell and/or HP…Intel Core i5/i7,32GB RAM,512 GB SSD,Nvidia 6GB dedicated…Touchscreen,Long battery life 10+ hours…

Here is a list of my next upgrade - one of these will be mine before the year ends

So far the ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501JW is on course to win the race



Where can I get ex uk laptops??

Try this guy https://t.me/bluescalen he sells new and ex-uk laptops including the X1 Carbon amoung other electronics, physically he is located at Dominion House, Tom Mboya Street, 1st Floor, Stall E2


Try Irungu of Bestsellers, his List of Ex-Uk Laptops are the most affordable i’ve seen thus far. Though he doesn’t have the X1 Carbon. I bought my current laptop from him 4 years ago which still runs fine and still use to date. Many of my colleaugues have also bought from him and haven’t had any issues. He also sells New Laptops at affordable prices. Physically he is located in the CBD at Yala Towers, 2nd Floor, Shop 203 on Biashara Street


No exciting models there.

Only the Spectre X360 13" here as well.

This is new?
HP OMEN 15 at 65,000/-

Yes, he imports them himself rather than source locally hence the price, no middleman fee