Which portable charger do you use and how often?

We call them power banks not realizing it’s akin to how we grew up calling (incorrectly) every shoe polish Kiwi. Power Bank is a registered trademark of the brand that helped popularize portable chargers. But they are just power banks, aren’t they? Whatever. Now that you know what I am talking about, I’d like to know, which one do you use? I know you use one, which one is it? Also, how often do you use it?

[This is interesting because 1) Anker is keen on taking an active role in this market (Kenya and elsewhere in Africa) and 2) That Kileleshwa incident and 3) Portable chargers are the new flash drives. I mean, all events you go to these days, there are more chances that you’ll be given a portable charger at the end of it all than there is that you’ll have lunch on that day]

I can’t wait to have Anker available locally

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So about this topic
So far I’ve seen Anker power banks in the market, even used one owned by a friend and I was impressed.
Wanted to get one for myself but I’m just curious if there are any other genuine power bank brands in the market besides Anker