Which ISP responds faster between JTL Faiba Business and Saf Business

Hi. Guys. I Live in Kenyatta Road Estate where there is Saf Home Fibre currently on the opposite side of the highway but they don’t seem interested in connecting to our side. The JTL fibre passes along our side of the highway towards Juja but I contacted them and they informed me that they can’t connect to me now. So I’m considering going for the business packages option but I’m wondering which ISP among the two is most likely to accept to get me connected. Any leads will be great.

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The answer to that is none. These guys aren’t interested in your business until they see one of the players take the risk of connecting you guys to home fibre.

We suffered the same fate in Timbuktu (Kariobangi South) before. Zuku cables are on next side of the road, JTL cables are around the hood, Liquid Telcom’s cable lying naked on the KPLC like poles, Safaricom fibre is there.

But no one was willing to connect to FTTH. Until one company made the move. The rest are following slowly one by one.

Unless you’re a deep pocketed Landlord with an apartment or organization, your request for business fiber will fall on deaf ears.


That’s really bad for us the consumers. And could you know what Safaricom Wholesale Fibre is and who is legible to get it? I saw that on the Safaricom Wholesale website.

As the name sounds, that’s a reserve for organizations with deep pockets.

If you can find contractors on the ground, they can help. Unfortunately, once ground installation is complete, they disappear leaving consumers to deal with sales team.

So that option looks like it needs a lot of cash upfront. I was starting to opt in for the business fibre plans and then find a few guys who we can then share the costs with if that could have meant getting connected faster since they are reluctant to connect us with the home packages.

Tafuta a friend on the other side of the road, have a home account under your name and use Ubiquiti hardware for a wireless link. It’s almost impossible to get Safaricom business on an area served by home fibre

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I was actually living on the other side and I had a Home Fibre account there but then nikapata nyumba kali this other side and after looking sana hiyo other side sikuget any that can match it at the moment. And then nikaona JTL fibre cables zimepita this side zikienda Juja so I thought since niko so near the highway haitakua hustle wao kuniconnect since pia their 30Mbps package is also a really enticing offer. Unfortunately for me I didn’t confirm if they will actually connect me before nimove in. So nilitry after nimehama ndio naskia they can’t yet.

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In line with that, I already have a receiver which I’m currently using for internet from a wireless local provider mwenye pia ako na link from the other side but hayuko willing kunishow the details since ananeed my cash. Apart from using a wireless transmitter from the other end kuna option naeza use kuconnect fibre (I buy my own cable) directly from the other side nikiwa na mtu there? And how much could it cost for like 500m max length cable?

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I’m not sure but i think it should possible to connect from the termination point in the house currently in the covered area. you’d still need to convince safaricom to give the router (unless you kept it) and to make another termination point if the house is already using it. As for prices, i found this post on jiji (nothing close to 500m but shoould give you a rough idea of the prices) https://jiji.co.ke/lavington/accessories-and-supplies-for-electronics/optic-fiber-cables-JhHHyM6eZqV5Obymt3KqIa.html?lid=5zdfweiiVlucmYfc

Your best bet is to consult a fiber installer to see if its possible before spending money and then it not working