Which is the best chrome extension to manage bookmarks?

Hey, I am looking for the best chrome extensions by which I can manage my bookmarks? Can anyone suggest me some best extensions

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The Best Bookmark Managers for Desktop, Web, iOS and Android (Techweez)

Recent Bookmarks
A great extension for organizing your bookmarks by recency, which can help you decide what to view, what to keep, and what to delete.

It is a chrome and Firefox extension. It is also an android app. I installed it a few months ago. Finally I have my bookmarks synced across all devices and browsers. I can now safely use Kiwi and Brave on my android device without worrying about sync issues with Chrome on PC and Linux.

Trust me, you will like it. Consider donating or going pro to encourage such developers who break the walled gardens that Silicon Valley corporations keep erecting around their popular services.

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Google Chrome doesn’t really come with the built-in ability to append tags to your bookmarks for easier organizing. Firefox does, which makes us jealous. While you can probably find all sorts of extensions that enable some kind of bookmark-tagging feature in Chrome, you don’t need them. Instead, whenever you’re adding a new bookmark to Chrome (via CTRL+D or the star icon in your address bar), just append whatever tags you want to the site’s name.

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