Which Hi-FI for low volume THUD bass?

No I don’t want a home theater system, I want a mean looking Hifi system, but the choices are really confusing

1-Samsung MX-J730/ZN CD HIFI - 600W
going for 26,000 at hotpoint.
CD hifi system, Bluetooth and the works.

2-Sony MHC-ECL77BT-470 watts
going for 23,000 at anisuma, his has DVD + all the whistles.

3-LG-cj45 700 watts going for 34,000 from LG kenya

Dilema is Sony is known for good sound systems and it’s the cheapest comfortable purchase, online reviews claim lack of user EQ.
LG- while with higher wattage the test at the shop was not impressive the bass was too low for a system with 2 speakers and a sub, the sony was much better in bass.
Samsung is in the middle both in price and watts, never seen a samsung HIFI before so quite pessimistic about it.
Anyone here with any of the three systems who can give a kenyan side review,

Around 2 years ago we were hunting for a home theater and tested quite a few home theaters and HiFi systems.

We noticed home theaters had more bass (Or at least felt that way) compared to similarly priced HiFi systems.


Most home theaters have a dedicated subwoofer speaker that handles the low frequencies while the other speaker handled the rest. HiFi systems, on the other hand, have the tweeter, subwoofer and other speakers in a single unit.

The sound from a HiFi feels diluted.

A home theater will have a clearer thudding bass (and overall sound) most of the times compared to a HiFi system.

Plus you get the benefit of multi-channel speakers (5.1, 7.1 etc) compared to a HiFi system (2.0 for most of them).

Movies sound so much better on a home theater too due to multi-channel support.

The Sony DAV-DZ650 (1000 watts) will outdo the LG-CJ45 you mentioned. You can get it for around the same price.

Most HiFi systems are all looks and no show.

Just my 2 cents :blush:


Went with an LG home theater at 44k quite good on bass at volume, very clear sound, sadly doesn’t have the mean looks of those hifis

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Which model?

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1,000W-RMS 5.1ch 4TB DVD HTS LHD657


I once went to one these auto shops the ones who sell car audio systems and the said that they can make a custom system for use in the house, like a whole matatu woofer n satellite speakers. Since then that’s been my goal :smiley:

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Haha a matatu system in the house? Unless you want to use the woofer as a coffee table, I will still get a hifi later on, I feel in live with them back in high school where we had this 200 watt system
It had 3cd changer, two auto turn cassette tapes and nice equalizer lights, nice bass kept the guys rocking to reggae jams on Saturday nights.

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Durability is the big issue here.


You’re right @General . Your 2cents are upto date :joy:
Aye @kiharajon just to ask, what do you like about HiFis? I hate their shapes, its not even hard arranging them in the crib.

Also HiFi , after (1 year) the warranty (I hope they do have) they develop issues. I have a friend who does repair and he rarely gets a Home theater for repair

Home Theatres vs Sound Bars?

I agree that Home Theaters sound great, very great the bass at low volumes is very nice and he surround sound is really nice especially for those with high fidelity FLAC music files.
But you will find guys with those Hundred thousands worth of AV receivers trashing home theaters, I can say I like HiFis same way some guys love those landrover defenders, they are expensive, slow, high maintenance, ugly,and uncomfortable but some still love them.
When I was buying the HT i saw one of those soundbars that come with a subwoofer it had some thing Dolby ATMOS, really great sound but about 120k. acha ikae.

Sound bars are mostly used to replace stock tv speakers. They are not intended to replace your home theatre system.

Stock speakers > Soundbars > Home theatre system

A simple experiment bro @kiharajon, In your room get your favorite HiFi play your great jam with max volume then open the door(s) & Windows. walk away about 150m. Inspect the power of your HiFi from that distance and have your data.
Do the same with the Home Theatre system and compare the findings. Hifis are just noise makers within. But taste matters here. Get what you want