Which content media server software do you use? kindly share your experiences

So with all this Hype of Online streaming services like netflix,amazon video and showmax going on locally.I just want to share my experience and seek your experiences on how you consume media in you living room area as well as anywhere else you would access it from.

For guys who have a fast internet connection,you really dont need a subscription service to enjoy entertainment.For guys who torrent and download content,just watching it from folders using VLC can be so basic and functional.What if you desire a netflix like experience?

So i personally use Plex media server with content i have downloaded/torrented over the internet.Plex is a free media server btw.After installing the configuring Plex media server on my windows notebook/laptop,i add corresponding folders into respective categories and Plex does the rest,it fetches pictures and summaries as well as arranges your content in a nice stylish modern look that is easy on the eye and improves the viewing experience.

There is the Plex Media player for windows that allows one to have an enriched experience on the laptop/desktop/notebook if one doesnt want to view in the media server and also accessible over the internet through a web portal(log in with your credentials(username/password).

There is a plex app for android tv which can stream your content locally without needing internet access,from your PC,through your router/access point to your TV…One can also connect the TV Via HDMI or VGA to your computer and use the Plex media player/media server to watch the content…

Plex is a free app,they only charge if you want the plex pass subscription or if you want to use your media server with the plex app for android(buy the app)…

Plex media player,plex media server and plex app for android tv are all free applications,that can be downloaded and installed,configuration/customization can only take a few minutes but once its done,all one has to do is keep downloading/torrenting and adding those files to the respective folders and plex does the rest…

Try it out and let me know what you guys think…For Subsonic and Kodi/SPMC/XBMC…kindly share your experiences if you use any of these free media server applications to view/access your content.


Idk Have you tried Plex?

Yep,i been using plex for a while now

I have tried out Kodi which in my opinion is the best media server ever. I installed it on a Raspberry Pi and connected the Pi to a 4TB external HDD. It runs 24/7 in the bedroom and hooked to wireless network around the home beams connect wirelessly to the smart TV in the living room. Here’s the guide http://www.dignited.com/19155/building-home-media-center-35-raspberry-pi-kodi/ (long read)