Which are the best Domain + Email Hosting companies

I have been using the Safaricom Silver package for about 5 months. Problem is they dont encrypt emails and all my mails to Gmail accounts go directly to the Spam folder. Despite numerous complaints no solution has been provided so I’m considering a new host. Any ideas?

been using this service for long - host-ed.net to me it’s the most inexpensive and best web hosting company.

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We use peopleshost .com, previously with Site5 .com which was good for a minute before being acquired by Endurance.

We are good where we are.


I use the same plan and had the same problem as you. They told me I buy an SSL for my mails to be ancrypted but that did not work. Until a rep told me I will have to host emails elsewhere to get encryption.

Now hosting on a VPS and I have not looked back. If you just want email encryption without an additional cost, try zoho.com and point your MX records to them instead of Safaricom Business.

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Thought this should come by default without buying an SSL. All the hosting services I have tried do encrypt mails at no additional cost.

I also got a free SSL but that secures the site and not emails

How do I point my MX records to them? As my domains have a long way to go before expiring with Safaricom Business

Safaricom is still my registrar, I just had them change my Nameservers. This change is only moving your mail to another host with more space than the meager 50MB. Wah Safaricom.

First sign up here https://workplace.zoho.com/orgsignup.do?plan=free this is the free option use your Safaricom domain and follow the instructions.

Once you’ve set up, Go to your Safaricom Cpanel, change your MX Records by going to DNS Zone editor. On your domain, select Manage. Look for these two, click edit and replace with the new ones. (You’ll have to add a third one)

Wanaojifanya I can see your IP, yeah sumbua Safaricom

It takes minutes to hours propagate.

Once you’ve successfully set up, all your emails will be going to Zoho, so configure your IMAP access accordingly.

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Thanks @BoazKE I managed to successfully set up and my mails are now encrypted


Are they reliable? Am considering moving my cpanel to them. Any advice on other Kenyan alternative? I tried Bitsimba and they failed me severally on reliability.

Zoho is only for emails, not a fully-fledged cPanel solution. You will only need to point your MX Records to them.

I don’t need it for website but just email hosting… ama? :thinking:

Yes, just emails.