Where to Buy Xiaomi Accessories in Kenya (Cases )

Hey Guys. where do you buy Xiaomi cases in Nairobi? don’t say Avechi because they sell very slim cases and I am a dropper.

I imported from Aliexpress, not more than 1.5k.

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explain the procedure and time a little bit if you dont mind.

Create an account at Aliexpress. Delivery address, use your local Posta Box number eg P.O Box 123456789- 00100 Nairobi GPO. Include your phone number. Once you find an item of interest, pay using Prepaid cards(Don’t use your credit or debit cards).
Select a shipping method, i usually got for the Standard shipping.
After payment confirmed, your order will ship and be delivered within 60 days. Around 20-30 days, you will be alerted to go pick it. You don’t pay tax on such items because they are not bulky.


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Thank you very much for the info.

I was charged tax on a phone case shipped from UK. The tax was more than the price of the case. Price was indicated on the case wrapping but I was still charged anyway.

You were unlucky. I only get charged tax on bulky stuff. Meanwhile, you can import phones and other bulky items but when it gets to City Square, you can get “creative” with the taxes. DHL, EMS don’t accept creativity when it comes to taxes.

I still dont know why no one in kenya has jumped on the smartphone case business. Even the widely available Tecno and Infinix have very ugly cases available.


There are actually a couple of guys who make customized cases and I have seen and bought a few that look good.


Hook me up with them asap. would really appreciate

Hard stiff cases?

Let me DM their contact…

Yeah. I got a customized Nilkin case from them.

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DM their contact to me too

DM too @sarunibm could come in handy

Since y’all want, @wizmelavin, @fwosi and @iamtembo… Here’s their IG page:


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Just been in contact with Xiaomi Kenya. They have an office in Nairobi where they sell the accessories

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Where is the location?

Lemme DM you their number I have forgotten t the location

They are located along Moi Avenue, Bihi Towers 11th floor office number 8. You may also wish to follow their page https://www.facebook.com/xiaomi254/?hc_ref=ARRiG5kLWzMXBvyEiX1xQsgetT9E-Wc-wbNPzkOvk1i3IvPXcTfEvvG-QDqOQasaPAs&fref=nf