Where do you get your music?

I will be the first to admit that i consume a lot of music irrespective of genre and release date. I only listen to Albums and can listen to over 100 albums a year. From Little Richard of 1950 to Ariana Grande sweetener album of 2018. I listen to everything. I download from a telegram channel that gets updated from time to time. If i cannot wait, i download off pirate bay. But i think there are other easier ways to be able to download this albums. Share your experience, HOW DO YOU DOWNLOAD YOUR MUSIC?

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I have an Apple Music account although these days I almost exclusively stream mixes.


I kinda went slow on the downloads over the years and am streaming more and more. Am mostly using YouTube and Spotify via VPN and it’s a hustle. I wish Apple Music had a free version especially coz it’s available in Kenya

For albums kama kawa kama dawa i download via Piratebay or 1337x.to. For singles i use youtube via save.net extension. This beauty of an extension creates a download button right under the video i’m watching on youtube, all i do is just click the button and download any music i’m watching, no hustle there.


Albums ni pale Datpiff and for singles… NotjustOkay for African music & international mmp3. Lol I hate Youtube converted audios.

I can’t stand albums, mostly just singles. I live where good internet is but a myth, thus I can’t stream. All my songs are downloaded at https://mp3.directory/ or djmwanga.com

Currently most relaible way of listening to music is streaming. The only thing we download is games :grin:. Anyways, I use Deezer for streaming, and if am interested in a particular album or track, I download it for offline listening (though in the Deezer app, cant be shared).

Telegram channels

I already use that. They are great quality too

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Mind sharing the channels?:yum::yum::yum:

This one is strictly albums and it has a lot. https://t.me/FullAlbums

This one is for music tracks and it gets updated automatically https://t.me/FullMusicTracks

Latest songs get added here https://t.me/musicslam

Like some of you, I barely find the need to download music tracks/albums anymore. Seems like I’m hooked to Spotify and di.fm. And sometimes YouTube.

Me too they tend to lose so much quality

This only works in urban settings where good internet is guaranteed.

Telegram music channels got good quality but they post new music when already I have it. They’re not that updated most of them

If you have good internet then downloading music is unnecessary by day. Personally I use Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube on a daily basis. They have all the songs I may ever need to listen to. The YouTube quality could be great with fast internet (YouTube compresses audio based on video quality so if you are playing a 144p video then definitely expect a poor audio experience too).

Its not about the quality. I hate Youtube audios because they’re video versions… most of these songs have scenes they talk or some stupid effects in the video

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