Where can one get Original Laptop Battery Replacement?

Anyone here who has ever replaced their laptop battery due to old age or malfunction? Whats your experience? did you get an original replacement for the same? how long does the battery last you depending on your usage? How long has the battery lasted you since purchase? Any recommendations on where to get an original battery and what are the prices for a good Hp model battery and what should you look for? Your inputs tafadhali…

If you want genuine HP batteries, try Mitsumi in Westlands. Not sure of the price though.

But Do Mitsumi retail replacement parts like batteries ? I thought they only sell laptops will contact them to see if I can get a replacement.

Check out Saruk Digital (saruk.co.ke) - Old Mutual Building, 2nd Floor

They do sell parts as well and also do repairs

I’ve used generic batteries twice in the past year with the accepted risk of dodgy quality.

I bought a Toshiba battery somewhere in Westlands and battery life is roughly the same as OEM. Where it gets interesting is with my MacBook Pro. The replacement has a higher capacity than stock and I comfortably manage 5 to 7 hours despite this being a four year old rig.

From my own experience with Nairobi OEM parts are overpriced.

Will check them out as well thanks .

Unfortunately they said they don’t have the battery in stock looks like am not lucky .

Kindly tell me more info about the place you bought your battery , provide contacts or website if they got one . directions too would help .how much did you purchase the battery ?

wadau somebody is selling me the battery at a whooping 9k.