When customer service goes rogue

So this shop attendant at an Orange store fell for a lady and felt that he couldn’t approach the lady about it at the shop. He did an even worse thing, picking the contact from the register and chatting up the lady. A really unfortunate situation, seeing that he’s branded Orange. The lady of course didn’t take it lightly, and I doubt the guy will be trying something like that again in this lifetime.


Me thinks that lady has got issues.

But on a more serious tone, expecting data privacy privacy from our local telecoms and even banks is expecting too much.

What prevents an MPESA agent from selling or using the customer details from transaction logs?
What prevents a bank agent from copying all the details in your debit card and using it?

really did she have to do this there are better ways of solving such problems rather than getting someone sacked

Honestly, that lady reacted appropriately. That is no way to handle someone you ‘like’ especially without their consent. It can become borderline stalkish. Boundaries exist for a reason and someone taking it upon themselves to serve you, go pick your number when you leave, sit on your number till late at night to contact you and expect you to be okay with it is completely creepy…

Actually, you’re wrong on this part, he sent the chat at 5pm, probably after work. The lady responded at 10pm. But that’s besides the point. He was totally wrong to use numbers given to the organization as part of customer service for personal gain, nothing makes that part right.

Poor form and very unprofessional of the young man. Under the proposed data protection bill both Orange and the sales agent would be liable to a stiff penalty.

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What the guy did was totally unethical and the lady took the correct action by reporting him to the employer.

It is totally inappropriate to retrieve confidential information for personal use. Would you feel comfortable if someone contacted you from the information you filled in at the bank or at the hospital?

I wouldn’t blame this guy. Well, his approach is very flawed.
The real issue is with Orange. It’s clear this company has never had the ‘customer-data-privacy-talk’ with its employees.

Turns out the guy isn’t employed by Orange but by a third party promoting their phones.

That guy was dumb,that move was very ignorant and stupid.if he was attracted and wanted her number,he should have just asked her.Laura did the right thing by reporting him,if he gets sacked its not the customers fault…Some men need to man up and stop violating peoples privacy.